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Boating Classifieds 07-16-2009 01:51 PM

RARE: USCG motor life boat, 44 foot self righting steel dive,tow boat (Oregon) $12990
To manufacture a self righting MLB-44 today would cost you in excess of $500,000
The MLB-44346 has been fully restored and is in great condition
The ultimate steel self righting, tow, salvage, rescue, Self-bailing, firefighting, dive boat ever built! There is no equal.
Very rare and impossible to find in this great condition.

Do not let this one pass you by; you may never see another one for sale again.

The hull is made from Corten Steel and the superstructures are made from Aluminum. This combination makes this boat nearly rust proof. Fresh ultrasound proves she is in great condition.
This boat has three main cabins. The forward cabin which can sleep two, the main galley cabin which also has the head, and the rear cabin which can sleep up to 4 and also could be converted to a decompression chamber for diving. The boat has a total of nine watertight compartments including the engine room. Please view all the photos located in the section to your left.
Some key attributes of this boat are the following:
*She can self right if capsized within 30 seconds or less
*She is self-bailing
*She can tow in a 125ton ship
*She can put out a fire on another vessel out at sea (she has a power take off for the fire pump mounted on the Port engine, fire hoses and nozzles are included with the sale)
*She can operate in frozen water with 6 inches of ice and sustain no damage!
*She can refuel another ship at sea from her own reserve
*She can hold over 20 men below deck
*She has a gas powered bilge pump in a watertight drum that can be rolled overboard to a disabled ship in distress

There is no other boat that can do everything that this one can.........not a one.
This boat served its entire Coast Guard career in Monterey Bay California.

Anyone with any information on who served on board and what major or minor events that took place please contact me. I am working on a history book detailing its personnel, and events from Monterey Bay.
For all the details you can view them at anytime by going to MLB44. This web page is dedicated to the MLB-44346.


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