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07-21-2008, 09:28 PM
The Last value and Survey (appraisal) about a year ago is $565,000. We are offering her at 450,000 or best offer. We love this yacht. It took us nine months to find her two 1/2 years ago. It turns heads and is an awesome vessel. The vessel is in excellent condition is an offshore cruiser and was built in 1989 in La Conner Washington for a Microsoft Executive. I know this vessel very well want to share all of the information about this vessel and make as easy of a purchase as possible. I will be a hands on part of your learning this yacht.

~ 64' -5"
~ 18.6' beam
~ 3.6' draft
~ Twin Saab Scania Diesel 350 HP
~ 14 GPH @ 10 knots
~ 2 estate rooms
~ 3 full heads with Grohe fixtures
~ Twin Scania industrial diesel engines barely broke in
~ Very low fuel consumption even for today’s standards
~ Aluminum hull construction with balsa core subfloor
~ Twin Hamilton Jet drives in premium condition
~ Large hydraulic pump on starboard engine including large oil reservoir
~ Raw water pump for fire hydrant system
~ Bow thruster
~ Back up controls electronic and hydraulic
~ Dual jen sets totaling 23 KW
~ 40 mile radar
~ 10 knot cruising speed
~ Garmin GPS large screen, very nice
~ Auto Pilot
~ Sonar depth finder
~ Ship to shore radio
~ Hailing radio with exterior speaker
~ Large air blast horn
~ 18.6' beam
~ 3.6' draft
~ Dual diesel heaters Thermostatic controls
~ Electric heaters Thermostatic controls
~ Electric Air compressor
~ Washer and dryer
~ 1200 gal. Fuel tanks
~ 100 gal. black water tank
~ 1000 gal. fresh water tanks forward and aft.
~ Dual battery banks for starting engines
~ Dual battery banks for house DC
~ 2 inverters for the house banks
~ 1 24V charger for starting bank batteries
~ Fishing deck off back with sink and fresh and raw water wash down
~ Lots of extra hardware and electrical supplies categorized and labeled
~ 15 HP outboard motor
~ 3 Referigerators
~ 1 ice maker
~ Jen-air range and oven
~ Grohe Fixtures and kitchen sink
~ Built in counter top mixer
~ Built in trash compactor
~ 2 microwave ovens
~ Counter top instant hot water dispenser
~ Instant hot water whole house circulator
~ Solid brass hardware throughout
~ Brass Sink in master stateroom and custom sinks throughout
~ Lots of storage interior and exterior
~ Life jackets for 20+ people
~ Coast Guard approved Safety gear, throwing devices, flares, required bell ect.
~ Current Fire extinguishers and required placards
~ She is a Coast Guard Documented Vessel

She was built in La Conner, Washington by La Conner Boat Works. They built ferries and fishing vessels. This was a custom job for a Microsoft Executive who wanted to be able to contend with Dead Heads and not have to worry about ripping out a shaft and going to the bottom. Naval Architect Howard Appolonio designed her and La Conner Boat Works built her. Howard Appolonio who now designs some of the finest yachts available. The vessels he builds today are mega yachts. Ultimately the safety of this yacht is impeccable.

The aluminum hull makes her more survivable, as it bends when hitting something vs. Fiberglas that cracks and then in comes the water. The quality of the vessel is realized when your down in the engine room and you see things like the sea chest, where the water intakes come in. This way you don't have to dive on her to remove a plastic bag or debris you just open the top of the sea chest, clear the debris, change the impellers on what ever water pump was affected and your up and running again.

It has two state rooms each with a bathroom. The master has a king bed, the forward stateroom has a queen. The salon is as large as some living rooms and can easily fold out two high quality large sofa fold out beds. There is one leather sofa fold out bed in the salon right now. My wife and I have spent the night more than once on the two sofas on the bridge because it is so nice up there and those sofas are really soft and comfortable. I am 6' 5" tall and my wife is 5'-5" and we both slept comfortably on the bridge. There is a sink a refer and cabinets all on the upper level of the bridge. Just out the door on the same level is a small full bathroom. It has a retractable showerhead in the sink area with a drain in the floor. The other bathrooms have super nice fiberglass built-ins with great water pressure and invigorating Grohe quality shower.

The master stateroom has tons of storage, cabinets with drawers and closets, even storage under the bed. It has his and hers vessel sinks made of solid brass with Grohe fixtures. The her side has a built in vanity with drawers and legal size drawers for use as a vanity and office area. There is a built in TV armoire in front of the king size bed. There is DC and AC lighting throughout the yacht, hookups for cable, phone etc with wall jacks throughout the yacht.

The forward stateroom shares a full head with the guests who stay in the salon. There is also a separate vanity with stool and porcelain vessel sink and spacious medicine cabinets. There are cabinets and storage and closets all the way around the forward state room including under the bed. There are custom drawers around the bottom of the bed as well. Over the vanity is a built in area for a TV with wall jacks.

The bridge also has accommodations for sleeping and living in comfort. There is a full head right out side of the bridge. All of the plumbing in the showers and sinks throughout the yacht have high-end Grohe fixtures and custom high end sinks all with an instant hot water circulator.

One very nice feature about the jet drive system is not having to worry about hitting something with props and or having to dive to clear a prop from fishing lines and things like that. Between the engines is what is called a sea chest. It is a tall box that is built into the hull with a heavy duty Plexiglas top that allows you to see to the bottom if you want. You can see it in the photo, it has the coast guard hull number on it. She was designed so the seawater intake for all of the cooling systems comes in through the sea chest. For instance, if one of the intakes gets blocked by say, a plastic bag; on most boats you would have to dive to clear it. But with the sea chest you simply unbolt the top piece of plexiglas to clear the intake.

The engines are Saab Scania and are designed for heavy duty full time industrial usage. They, in terms of longevity are not even broke in yet and will most likely outlive you, according to the engine surveyor who was quite impressed. Like I said before my wife and I were not going to sell this vessel except for unforeseen circumstances.

If you search the internet you will find the only vessels of this size that are selling for less than $500,000 have wooden hulls and are older. Other vessels her size and look are over a million, not to mention her superior design and safety features. The insurance replacement cost of this yacht is 1.5 million.

If you really like the boat as much as we do, we will accept the best reasonable offer. We hope she goes to a good home.
Please, if you do not have the financial means to purchase a vessel such as this then please, please don't waist both of our time. Thank you very much.
http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q88/Dalelisa/LEAPOFFAITH.jpg (http://s134.photobucket.com/albums/q88/Dalelisa/?action=view&current=LEAPOFFAITH.jpg)
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http://i134.photobucket.com/albums/q88/Dalelisa/galleylrgsize.jpg (http://s134.photobucket.com/albums/q88/Dalelisa/?action=view&current=galleylrgsize.jpg)
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serious buyers only please call Lisa at 650-787-0755

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