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05-05-2011, 08:01 PM
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Posted by: rvwjosh

Description: Roadtrek’s timeless space utilization with a few twists. The second row seating consists of comfortable lounge seats (do not convert to beds) or optional captain’s seats for even greater comfort on or off the road. All four captain’s seats swivel for optimal dining, game playing or just shootin’ the breeze. The second row will even swivel towards the rear to give everyone a great view of the TV. Comfortable front sleeping is achieved with our optional folding mattresses. Stored during the day, they rest on top of the front four seats to provide longer, flat and even sleeping surfaces. When you don’t need them, just leave them at home. With no gables or cabinets at either end of the galley, it’s open from front to rear on the driver’s side. Panoramic windows from front to rear allow daylight and create an openness unrivalled in any other class B. To maximize already generous storage space, a hanging pantry can be added to the rear end of the galley. The permanent bathroom’s unique doors maximize aisle width when the bathroom’s not in use. Yet when in use there’s ample space inside while keeping the aisle clear. Inside you’ll find a toilet, vanity sink and a sit-down or stand-up shower. Contact Josh 916-979-5469

Price: $80850.00

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