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12-12-2010, 08:11 PM
1972 65' Pacemaker Motor Yacht Quadruple Cabin Cruiser

Hull Material: Wood

16' 8" Beam

Draft: 4'6"

Displacement: 35 Gross Tons

Twin Caterpillar, 475 hp Diesel Engines Model: D366

Cruising Speed: 12 Max Speed: 18

Located In Tiburon CA. Just north of San Francisco CA.

*******THIS YACHT SANK AT ITS SLIP AND WAS SUBMERGED FOR 48 HOURS. She has been floating for almost 2 months since she sank.

I have put over $160,000 into this boat over the last 3 years. I have over $60,000 in Receipts from Bayside Boatworks alone. Extensive remodeling to the Cabins, Bathrooms and Kitchen was almost completed. I was getting her ready to sell when she unexpectedly sank. I do not live in the area and was keeping this boat as a home away from home on the San Francisco Bay.

I trusted someone to watch over my vessel while I was away and he failed to monitor the Bilge pumps, Batteries, and Charger and didn't notice that something wasn't operating properly for a long enough time that the water in the bilge rose above the water line where there are enough thru-hulls that the boat sank quite quickly.

I am still at a loss how someone with Boating knowledge could let this happen but he did and there is nothing I can do now but try and recoup some of my losses.

There is no evidence of a breach in the Hull in fact the hull on this boat is in great shape. She was just hauled out last December and her bottom Painted and checked.

I do not have any more money to put into this boat. I just have to let her go and move on.

She is worth a lot to the right person.

She's Huge. A House on the Water. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths with showers, remodeled kitchen with new appliances, formal dining room, Living room is approximately 25'x15'. The top deck is even larger.

This boat would have sold easily before she sank for over $120,000 even in todays market just because she has so much living space and really is an elegant boat with massive teak rails all around, Teak decking and Mahogany interior. She does feel quite Grand when you are on her.

And....... She still LOOKS GREAT !

The exterior has had extensive work done on the main cabin and hull. New exterior Paint, Cabin was re-glassed and painted recently. Teak rails were all revarnished. There were only a few more things to address so there is little else that needs to be done on the exterior.

The interior was being remodeled with Maple hardwood Floors, Mahogany trim, Chinese Maple paneling in the sleeping cabins. New Headliner, Kitchen and bathroom counters and sinks. She was looking like a beautiful music box. Of course now much of what I did needs to be replaced. Or redone. The New mahogany trim and paneling and the original Mahogany paneling and hardwood came out just fine and wasn't affected by the sinking. The Maple Floor came apart and would have to be re-layed. The maple paneling needs replacing but that is only in the bedrooms, the rest of the walls were mahogany and are just fine.

A good carpenter could bring her back without too much trouble. With new carpet and paint and some cleanup she could be an amazing living space quite quickly for someone who has a place to put her. She can not stay where she is and will have to be towed to a new location.

She would make a great B&B or just a fine home on the Water. Put her next to your Sail Boat and live where you play. There are still lots of possibilities.

Getting her running again would take someone with mechanical experience. A good diesel mechanic with access to a yard could re-power her for much less than rebuilding the existing Caterpillar 475 Horsepower motors and transmissions. She could be brought back to life, I did so much work already that it would be worth the effort to someone who is knowledgeable.

The engines were not Pickled so the Engines are inoperable and the Transmissions probably need rebuilding. I had just installed New Driveshafts, Shaft Bearings, and glands..... About a $40,000 job. The Generators are no longer operable. The Electrical Wiring could be OK. There was a bit of Oil mixed in with the Salt water inside and some people believe that this may have protected the wiring from the salt water. However the condition of the wiring is unknown at this time.

She is a lot of Boat for the money. And even though she is messy right now she is quite lovely even after the sinking. There is nothing wrong with the wood structure of the boat, the damage is only cosmetic and mechanical.

You could look at this like a remodel of a 1200 square foot home. And live on the Water.

These pictures are current. I will send you more pictures if you are really interested. I will answer any questions that I can. Leave your number and I will call you back.

Please don't contact me unless you have really thought this through. This has been a tragic experience for me and I don't want to be wasting my time with people who are just curious. I have lost a Dream and an enormous amount of money and I am just not in a position to spend any more money on this beautiful Boat. I am forced to sell her at a great loss.

I do think that there is someone that will appreciate her potential. I am only trying to recoup a small portion of what I have invested.

I would like to get at least


I am hoping to get more.

The boat will need to moved from her current slip in Tiburon California. Just north of Sausalito and San Francisco. You will need to make your own arrangements and have a place to put this Yacht.

Sorry I am not interested in owner financing. This is a Cash only. transaction

I would consider a partial trade with a significant portion in Cash. Possibly a smaller boat, Vehicles, A Diesel Pickup, Vintage Trailers, Neve 1073's.........

Please email me with your contact number and I will get right back to you. Thanks

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