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10-29-2007, 07:29 AM
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Posted by: BD_batteries

Description: Lifeline Battery27MT / 27T ADVANCED GAS_MAT (AGM) BatteriesLIFELINE BATTERY BENEFITS# User Safesealed constructionnon-spillableinstall in any position if properly supported.submersible without damage# Maintenance free (no adding water or repairing corroded terminals)# Fastest recharge. (no current limitations with voltage regulated recharging)# Deep Cycle (thick positive plates to provide real deep cycle performance)# Outstanding cranking performance (aircraft cell construction lowers internal resistance)# Best charge retention (especially against flooded cell types)# Lowest discharge rates (Less that 3 percent per month unattended)# Easily shipped# Shock and vibration resistant. (100% of plates are covered with separator liners)# Properly supported, LIFELINE AGM batteries with absorbed electrolyte can be installed and operated on their side.Cold Cranking Amps68 --- 84532 --- 715 0 --- 575 Rated Cap.Amp. Hrs20 Hr Rate - 100 Time of Discharge25 Amps @ 186 minutes15 Amps @ 324 minutes 8 Amps @ 655 minutes Voltage 12vLength -in 12.01Width - in 6.60Height -in 9.25Weight 65.00 lbs

Price: $299.99

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