View Full Version : Consultants Needed to Help Marinas Accept Payment Online

05-15-2009, 08:25 AM
MyBoatSlip.com / MBS Payment Solutions

We are looking for consultants in the marina industry with relationships with other CMM's, Marina Operators, Marina Owners, and marina office managers. Innovative sales opportunity with excellent residual commision.

We are the premier company providing online payment soutions to marinas across the country. Less then 5 percent of marinas have a website, this is an amazing opportunity to help marinas get online while dramatically improving their operations and cashflow.

It is our goal to help marinas save tens of thousands per year by transitioning to a paperless office, accepting slip payments online through their current website or MyBoatSlip.com. We offer marinas inexpensive solution ($69 a month)that will help them:

1) Eliminate paper checks and credit card processing costs

2) Convert tenants to away from credit cards to electronic check, safely storing billing info online (saves 10,000-30,000 annually)

3) Help marinas bill by email, replacing costly monthly mailings (saves thousands annually)

4) Drastically reduce admin time/cost and delinquent payments

5) Streamline cashflow

MBS Consultants will partner with a marina in ongoing effort to convert slip tenants to recurring electronic checks through marketing tools and promotion. Our system will save marinas time/money and gives their slip tenants the added value convenience of online payments.

For more information view our demo on www.MyBoatSlip.com
or call me direct at 302-584-7733 Jesse Ohliger-CEO of MyBoatSlip.com