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Rooke Sails
03-12-2009, 10:44 AM
A new for sale has been posted:

Description: Fast, Fun, One Design Racing, Easy to Sail, Easy to Ring, light, Trailerable by any car, and Affordable are just some of the words used to describe this awesome little boat! The JY 15 is a great boat for any sailor! Someone who is just starting out will love the fact that there are not many lines on the boat, the fact that it is a rather stable boat helps too! The more experienced sailor will enjoy the strict one design racing class and boat speed that can be had with this boat. Anyone can appreciate the well thought out cockpit space with hiking straps, harken carbo blocks with appropriately places ratchet blocks for the job and main sheets. This boat easily doubles as a race boat and a daysailor. You can take the same crew that you recreationally sail with and go race around the bouys! This boat is THAT versatile.

We will be happy to assist in going through the rigging and making sure that the boat is familiar. We also offer for the new sailor the option of sailing instruction. So, what are you waiting for??? Gas may be closing in on $5.00/gallon, but the wind is still FREE!!! Bring your vehicle and we\'ll hitch up the boat and you\'ll be on your way to great fun!


Contact: Chris Rooke, ROOKE SAILS, INC., 1744 Prescott So., Memphis, Tn. @ the NE corner of US78 & I-240.

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