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04-10-2007, 11:38 AM
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Description: Micro 3S Here is a picture of the actual package showing the contents of the Micro 3S system. Note the 3 sensor pads, the speaker, hardware, and the main unit. Of course there are complete installation and operation instructions and a warranty card as well. This system can be removed with minimal effort and re-installed into another vehicle if desired. See our. THE PRODUCT The micro series Vehicle Reversing Aid is an automatic back up alert system that warns drivers of potential obstacles while backing up their vehicle. There are three micro series models - micro3S, micro4s aand micro5s. MINIATURE ACOUSTIC TRANSMITTER/RECEIVER The micro series Reversing Aid’s miniature acoustic sensors transmit a uniquely modified "narrow beam" signal. This narrow beam signal is capable of seeing through fog, rain, smog and snow, any weather, day or night, on any road condition. When this signal strikes a solid target "directly" in the path of the host vehicle, it bounces back to the antenna/receiver and is instantly sent to the signal microprocessor. The acoustic sensors have a detection range of up to 8 feet. The design of sensors coupled with color matching decorative sensor lens ensures ‘out-of-sight’ installation of the sensors on your vehicle. micro3LV detector 8-BIT SIGNAL MICRO PROCESSOR The 8-bit microprocessor programmed with ‘Intelligent Control Software’ incorporating ‘fuzzy logic’ processes the target signal to calculate distance or range, as well as the closing speed between the host vehicle and the obstacles in the path of the host vehicle. The processor automatically and continuously computes this information. If the processor determines that the existing conditions require the driver to take any precautionary or corrective action, special emergency sounds are generated. SPEAKER The micro series speaker can be mounted anywhere inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle. The system is activated when the driver puts their vehicle into reverse. The system alerts the driver with a variable multi-tone audio pulse. The audio pulse intensity increase and the audio tone changes as the vehicle back closer to an obstacle. In addition to the variable multi-tone audio pulse, the system alerts the driver with our advance VDI (voice distance indicator) module. The VDI module verbally tells the driver the vehicle-to obstacle distance in feet and inches. Buy The Micro 3S Talking Backup Alert System: (http://www.talkingreverseaid.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=3) Category: WARRANTY The Poron Vehicle Reversing Aids are strictly a driver assistance device. It should not be considered as a safety device for any other purposes. It is not a substitute for driver responsibility when operating a vehicle. Please follow all local and federal laws when backing up your vehicle. Manufacturer and distributors of the Poron Vehicle Reversing Aids do not guarantee or assume liability for "collisions or damages" that take place when backing up your vehicle. The Poron Car Reversing Aid is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year. This warranty applies to the original purchaser of the unit only. If a defect covered by this warranty occurs during this one year period, Poron will repair or replace the defective system or component part, free of charge upon proof of original purchase. To receive service under this warranty, see the warranty card enclosed with the unit. This warranty does not apply to defects caused by negligence, accident, unreasonable use, modification, abuse or tampering, or any other causes not related to defective materials or workmanship. The liability of Poron and its distributors is limited solely to the repair or replacement of this product. All liability for consequential damages, breach of any express or implied warranties including merchantability or fitness for purpose, is expressly disclaimed. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights that vary from state to state. DISCLAIMER OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES AND LIMITATION ON DAMAGES UNLESS CONSIDERED UNENFORCEABLE OR UNLAWFUL UNDER APPLICABLE LAW: Neither Poron nor its distributors (Hereinafter, collectively, ‘Poron’) will be liable for any claims, actions, suits proceedings, costs, expenses, damages or liabilities arising out of the use of this product. The sole undertaking of Poron is limited to providing the product as services outlined herein in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. The provision of products sold and services provided to the Customer shall not be interpreted, construed or regarded, either expressly or implied, as being for the benefit of or creating any obligation toward, any third party or legal entity outside of Poron, its authorized distributor and the Customer. The responsibility of Poron extends only to the Customer. PORON’S LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES HEREUNDER, REGARDLESS OF THE FORM OR ACTION, SHALL NOT EXCEED THE FEES OR OTHER CHARGES PAID TO PORON BY THE CUSTOMER OR CUSTOMER’S DEALER. PORON SHALL NOT, IN ANY EVENT, BE LIABLE FOR SPECIAL, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO: LOST INCOME, LOST REVENUE, OR LOST PROFIT, WHETHER SUCH DAMAGES WERE FORESEEABLE OR NOT AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE AND WHETHER OR NOT SUCH DAMAGES ARISE OUT OF A BREACH OF WARRANTY, A BREACH OF AGREEMENT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY OR ANY OTHER THEORY OF LIABILITY.

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