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09-22-2008, 09:52 AM
The 360T is a 36-feet-long (36–feet-long, including the integrated swim step). It is 8 feet, 6 inches wide and has a 24 degree V at the transom.

The two (2) 502 engines produce 750 hp at 6,000 rpm and are remarkably stock. More horsepower comes from the addition of a Whipple Industries 3.3 L Twin Screw supercharger. An MSD ignition is interfaced with the computer to control ignition timing and spark. A muffled IMCO Power Flow Plus system runs the exhaust through the transom. Between the Whipple supercharger and the intake manifold on these engines is a radiator-like device called an intercooler. Cool water is pulled from the lake and run throughout the intercooler’s fins. The air/fuel mixture from the supercharger/EFI system is then passed over the exterior of the fins on the way to the intake manifold. This cooler air/fuel mixture becomes denser and is good or a sizable horsepower increase over a non-intercooled supercharged engine. The beauty of a supercharged engine is hat it doesn’t require a radical camshaft to make lots of horsepower. The Whipple 3.3L twin-screw superchargers on these engines are very efficient and work well with the Autronics electronic fuel injection.

Boat is propelled through the water with black IMCO sterndrives out drives. This 36-foot boat will swing 30 pitch fourblade props at 6,000 rpm with 1.34:1 gears. This adds up to a top speed of about 105 mph. Dashboards consist of a Blue Water switch panel, Gaffrig gauges, Gaffrig controls, and Eddie Marine bezels.

Accented with purple, yellow, and blue and for a little extra style. Interior is beautifully done in white to help repel the effects of the sun.

Boat will hold as many as 12 passengers inside the beautiful ARKO upholstery (which is white because of the heat from the sun) and 40-ounce marine-grade carpet.

Sound system consist of a Sony main head unit with a DEI (Directed Electronics Incorportaed) amplifier, and DEI speakers. The speakers are located in the seat base and if you are sitting on the rear bench seat you will definitely feel the bass through the 4 subwoofers that are professionally installed there.

Trailer, which is also included, is equal to the quality of the boat. Complete trailer was galvanized. It has a billet aluminum ladder, frenched LED taillights, stainless steel fenders, and 2 stainless steel toolboxes. The forged Center Line Arrows work well for a boat trailer if you launch your boat in salt water. These wheels will hold up well under these conditions with minimal maintenance. The Center Line Arrows come with an optional hubcap that fits over the Bearing Buddies.

Trailer has electric/hydraulic disc brakes, which are very efficient when stopping your boat trailer.

Also equipped with flat screen TV, several ice coolers, and refrigerator. This boat has been featured in several magazines.

Priced to sell fast at $149,900.00 or possible trade for ?
Contact Phil at (408) 859-6248 for more information or to set up an appointment.

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