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02-01-2007, 07:49 PM
A new for sale has been posted:

Description: - Performance Pickup Sticks-

Unlike the traditional mooring pick up sticks which can cause fiberglass cuts, these are made of a
very flexible material allowing it to blend unlike any other pickup stick and coated for a sure grip.
The Lead weights are also coated to prevent scratches while on deck. Ultimate models are special orders.

Sizes come in 4\',6\',8 & *10\'

( 4\' ) $43.55 ( 6\' ) $45.90 ( 8\' ) $49.95
*( 10\' ) $87.27
( Ultimate Model: Heavy lead, Large Can Buoy)

Please Visit us at www.BOATGUARDIANS.com

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View The Ad: Mooring Pickup Sticks (http://www.boatloco.com/boats/forsale/showproduct.php?product=422)