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01-29-2007, 04:40 PM
A new for sale has been posted:

Description: Finally the product you\'ve been waiting for, angel guard mounts at the source of most fires. Immediate response, lowers residual damage, chances of engine start up\'s are far greater with new halotron 1 anti fire liquid agent, because it enables you to keep the hatch close. Conviently mounts to hood of engine compartment.

What is halotron I - Is an liquid suppressant agent and is one of america\'s best and most affective antifire agent.
An agent that eliminates the oxygen in the surronding air, thus the cool-down effect by stopping the combustion chain of the flame.
No Residue, Environmentally safe, and low toxicity.You can now benefit with this extra protection, PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.
Halotron I has a high boiling point (80 degrees) and is safe agains a chemical raleae at normal tempreatures (low Pressure), As the comparment air reaches super high temperatures above 180 (Degrees) there will be a chemical relase that is pattented and proven to extinguish your fire.\\
Your Boat is at risk dont wait any longer do what thousands have done before you, and protect your most prized possesions and get angel guard today

View The Ad: Angel Guard Safety Engine Extinguisher (http://www.boatloco.com/boats/forsale/showproduct.php?product=417)