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  1. West Coast Students to Name Newest NOAA Ship in Contest
  2. NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries Subject of New Cousteau Film Airing on PBS Stations Nationwide; America's Underwater Treasures Premieres Sept. 20
  3. NOAA Names Nancy Foster Award Recipient for Habitat Conservation
  4. Ocean Expedition Explores Submerged Wreck of Historic Naval Airship USS Macon in Monterey Bay Sanctuary
  5. National Weather Service to Conduct Limited Tsunami Warning Communications Test along U.S. West Coast
  6. Agencies Publish Rules on Northwestern Hawaiian Island Monument
  7. NOAA Volunteers, Partners Celebrate Dedication of Salt Marsh; Project restores 15 acres of salt marsh in Barrington, R.I.
  8. Clay Center Rural Resident Michael Overturf Honored for Contributions to National Weather Service Volunteer Observer Program
  9. New Study Confirms Low Tsunami Risk at Pearl Harbor
  10. NOAA National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield to Retire
  11. NOAA Fisheries Service Publishes Final 2006 List of Fisheries
  12. King Aerospace to Build, Test Radar for NOAA Hurricane Hunter Aircraft
  13. VT Halter Marine to Build Swath Vessel for NOAA
  14. Celebrate 200 Years of Great Lakes Science and Service at NOAA Open House
  15. NOAA's National Weather Service Selects New Leader Of Kansas City Forecast Office
  16. Commerce's NOAA and Interior Department Release Draft Framework for Developing System of Marine Protected Areas; Public Comment Period Open for 145 Days
  17. NOAA Announces 2006 Grant Recipients for National Marine Aquaculture Initiative Awards
  18. NOAA Adds Wind Component to Coral Bleaching Warning System
  19. NOAA Implements Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast System for Texas Gulf Coast
  20. NOAA Team Assesses Marine Debris Impacts in Gulf Region
  21. NOAA Reports Decreased Levels of Toxins in Mollusks
  22. Settlement Between U.s., Delaware, Dupont and Ciba Restores Wetlands Habitat in Delaware's Mispillion River Ecosystem
  23. NOAA Outlook Calls for Mild Winter for Most of the Nation
  24. Draft Management Plans for Three California National Marine Sanctuaries Released for Public Comment
  25. NOAA and U.S. Navy Develop First Pre-incident Survey; Pearl Harbor Survey Designed to Assess Potential Threats to Ecology
  26. Tiny Dust Specks Could Have Big Effect on Hurricanes
  27. U.S. Has Cooler September after near Record Warm Summer, Global September Temperature Fourth Warmest on Record
  28. Satellite Launch Is Milestone in U.S.-European Cooperation
  29. President Bush Appoints Rear Admiral Samuel P. De Bow Jr. to Mississippi River Commission
  30. NOAA Awards WHOI $7.5 Million over Five Years to Extend Harmful Algal Bloom Models & Forecasts to New Areas of the Gulf of Maine
  31. NOAA Awards Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission $4.7 Million over Five Years to Study the Role of Nutrients in State Red Tide Events
  32. NOAA and NASA Announce Antarctic Ozone Hole Is a Record Breaker
  33. Studies Affirm Seafood to Be a Healthy Food Choice
  34. Defendants in Natural Resource Damages Case Agree to Restore Fish Pathways at Massapequa Lake in Oyster Bay, New York
  35. New Commander to Direct NOAA's Aircraft Operations
  36. NOAA Accepting Grant Applications for K-12 Environmental Literacy Projects
  37. NOAA Accepting Grant Applications for Environmental Literacy Free-choice Learning
  38. U.S. Coral Reef Task Force Addresses Caribbean Coral Reef Management Challenges, Launches Planning for 2008 International Year of the Reef
  39. Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Marine Monument Trustees Partner in Marine Debris Removal
  40. NOAA Says Invasive Species Prevention and Control Focus Needed On Non-native Lionfish
  41. U.S., 24 Other Countries, and European Commission Protest Iceland's Return to Whaling
  42. NOAA Announces New Cooperative Institute Serving Northern Gulf of Mexico; Climate And Coastal Hazards Among Research Themes
  43. NOAA Builds its Largest Barrier Island Project
  44. New Data Show Downward Trend in Arctic Sea Ice
  45. NOAA Recommends New East Coast Ship Traffic Routes to Reduce Collisions with Endangered Whales
  46. U.S. Protests Japan's Announced Return to Whaling in the Antarctic
  47. NOAA: U.S. Cooler and Wetter than Average in October; October Global Temperature 4th Warmest on Record
  48. NOAA 10-year Aquaculture Plan Available for Public Comment
  49. NOAA's Satellite and Information Service Selects New Leader
  50. Return of El Nino Yields near Normal 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season
  51. Commerce Secretary and NOAA Administrator Announce New National Hurricane Center Director; Bill Proenza to Succeed Max Mayfield
  52. NOAA Reports 2006 Marked by Severe Heat Waves, Widespread Drought, Wildfires
  53. Alaska Celebrates 30 Years Providing Critical Weather Telecasts
  54. Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Database Available Online
  55. NOAA Seeks Applicants for the 2007 Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program; Up to $29,000 Available to Each Student for Studies and Internships
  56. NOAA, Indian Space Research Organization Announce Plans for New Station to Receive NPOESS Data
  57. NOAA Increases Tsunami Warning Capability for the Most Threatened Parts of the United States
  58. NOAA Fisheries Service Proposes Rule to Improve Sea Turtle Bycatch Monitoring
  59. Mini-Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Show Research Value; Operating in Shallow Waters, AUVs Sample Tidal Rivers and Estuaries
  60. Changes in Grass Shrimp Populations Identified as Measuring Tool for Coastal Sediment Contamination, and for Measuring Estuarine Health
  61. New Online Index Provides Information to Public on Ozone Hole Recovery
  62. NOAA's National Weather Service Recognizes Charleston County, S.C., as TsunamiReady and Stormready
  63. NOAA Study Shows Nutrient Pollution Increasing along Mid-Atlantic and New England Coasts
  64. NOAA Reports 2006 Warmest Year on Record for U.S.; General Warming Trend, El Nino Contribute to Milder Winter Temps
  65. NOAA Touts Major Accomplishments in 2006
  66. Seafood Importer and Associated Corporations Receive Imprisonment and Fines
  67. Rhode Island's Quonset Point/Davisville Facility Being Evaluated as Homeport for First Ocean Exploration Ship
  68. NOAA Makes Ocean Temperature Data Available to All; New NOAA Archive Gives Temperatures from International Satellites Since 1981
  69. NOAA Chemical Contamination Assessment Quantifies Extent of Contamination and Toxicity in Chesapeake Bay Sediments
  70. Pesticide May Negatively Affect Estuarine Health; NOAA Study Identifies Potential Impacts on Aquatic Food Sources
  71. NOAA's National Weather Service Launches New Local Three-month Temperature Outlook
  72. NOAA's National Weather Service Severe Weather Warnings to Provide More Precise Location this Fall
  73. NOAA Satellites Help Save 272 People in 2006
  74. NOAA Scientists Elected American Geophysical Union Fellows
  75. NOAA Scientist Wins Prestigious American Meteorological Society Award
  76. NOAA Announces 2008 Budget Request
  77. Dutch Harbor-Unalaska, Alaska and New Bedford, Mass., Remain Top U.S. Fishing Ports for 2005
  78. Seafood Consumption Declines Slightly in 2005
  79. NOAA National Weather Service's Improved Tornado Rating System Now Operational
  80. U.S. Whaling Commissioner Denounces Sea Shepherd's Clash with Japanese Whalers
  81. Global Average Temperature for January Highest on Record; U.S. Temperature Near Average for Month
  82. NOAA Fisheries Service Begins Process to End Overfishing by 2010; New Magnuson-Stevens Act First Step to Implementation / Comments Sought
  83. NOAA / CIRES Scientists Help Prepare Virginia Beach for Tsunami, Storm-driven Flooding
  84. NOAA Wants New England Students to Name New Federal Research Ship; Twin Hull Vessel Will Map the Seafloor for New Nautical Charts
  85. NOAA Analysis Following World Trade Center Collapse Finds Little Significant Change in Coastal Contaminant Concentrations
  86. NOAA Completes Ecological Study of Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary Region
  87. Fishing Gear That Could Harm Whales to Be Cleared from Cape Cod Critical Habitat
  88. U.S. Board on Geographic Names Honors Coast Survey Commemorating 200th Anniversary of NOAA Predecessor
  89. NOAA Analysis Following World Trade Center Collapse Finds Little Significant Change in Coastal Contaminant Concentrations
  90. NOAA Gulfstream-IV Hurricane Surveillance Jet Takes on Pacific Winter Storms to Improve Model Forecasts; Hawaii Middle School Teacher Will be Member of Flight Crew
  91. NOAA and Australia Secure Tsunami Partnership
  92. Federal Research Facilities in South Carolina Join Forces to Advance Ocean Health and Homeland Security
  93. NOAA's National Weather Service Teams with 2007 Iditarod; Mushers Will Race Through Alaska's New StormReady Communities
  94. NOAA Administrator Presents New Budget to Congress
  95. La Nina May Soon Arrive
  96. NOAA Studies Causes of Catastrophic Urban Floods, to Improve Forecasts and Better Understand 'Atmospheric Rivers'
  97. West Tetons & Island Park Receive New NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards Transmitter
  98. NOAA's National Weather Service Recognizes Teton County, Idaho, as StormReady
  99. Volunteers Count Whales from the Shores of O'ahu, Kaua'i, the Big Island, and Kaho'olawe
  100. New NOAA Report Shows Nation's Marine Sanctuaries Made Significant Gains in 2006
  101. Remember NOAA Weather Radio When Springing Forward; 'Tis the Season to Complete Severe Weather Preparedness Plans
  102. NOAA's National Weather Service Transitions Smoke Forecast Tool into Operations
  103. NOAA Honors Coastal Cleanup Volunteers at Louisiana Coastal Conservation State Convention
  104. NOAA Releases Five-year Coral Reef Research Plan; New Plan to Further Benefit Coral Reef Ecosystem Research
  105. Protecting Earth's Ozone Layer Also Helped Slow Climate Change
  106. NOAA Announces U.S. Spring Outlook
  107. NOAA Releases Report on National Coordination of Ocean and Coastal Water Quality Monitoring
  108. Leading the Way in Improving Ozone Protection; Adjustments to the Montreal Protocol Would Speed Elimination of Ozone-depleting Substances
  109. NOAA Awards Contract for Engineering Analysis Support
  110. NOAA Says U.S. Winter Temperature near Average; Global December-February Temperature Warmest on Record
  111. NOAA Reviews Company Measures to Protect Marine Mammals While Constructing Natural Gas Terminal, Comments Sought
  112. Powerful New Tool to Track Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide by Source
  113. NOAA Ships Arrive at New Ford Island Home Port
  114. NOAA Announces New Strategy for Goes-R Satellite Development and Acquisition
  115. NOAA Publishes Annual List That Categorizes Fisheries By Interaction with Marine Mammals; Many Updates to Report Improve Clarity and Functionality
  116. Baker Selected as New Deputy Assistant Administrator for NOAA's Satellite and Information Service
  117. NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service Launches Web Site For Tracking and Verifying Dolphin-safe Tuna Products
  118. NOAA Releases Report on Hawaii Discarded Military Munitions Site Survey
  119. NOAA Continues to Increase U.S. Tsunami Warning Capability; Three DART Buoy Stations Deployed off the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean
  120. Volunteers Count Whales from the Shores of O'ahu, Kaua'i, the Big Island, and Kaho'olawe
  121. NOAA, NASA to Restore a Key Climate Sensor to NPOESS Preparatory Project
  122. Office of Space Commercialization Strategic Plan to Strengthen U.S. Leadership in Space Commerce
  123. U.S. Hurricane Forecasters to Raise Awareness During Caribbean Tour; Public Invited to Tour "Hurricane Hunter" Aircraft
  124. Researchers Find Global Positioning System Is Significantly Impacted by Powerful Solar Radio Burst
  125. Student Team from California's Marina High School Names NOAA's Newest Fisheries Vessel; Students to Be Invited to Keel Laying Ceremony
  126. Tree Trunks Provide Paddle Point Launch Sites and Fish Habitat; South Slough Estuary Reserve Opens Fish Friendly Canoe Access Point
  127. Secretary Gutierrez Marks 200th Anniversary of NOAA's Coast and Geodetic Survey in Thomas Jefferson Birthday Ceremony
  128. NOAA Creates Seafood Marketing Councils
  129. Australia to Launch its First NOAA Dart Ii Tsunami Buoy
  130. March Temperatures Second Warmest on Record for U.S., Global March Temperature Fifth Warmest on Record
  131. NOAA Hurricane Hunter Aircraft to Embark on East Coast Tour; Forecasters Go Airborne To Promote Hurricane Awareness
  132. Eight New NOAA Buoys Will Provide More Forecasting Data this Hurricane Season
  133. NOAA Recommends Listing Cook Inlet Belugas under Endangered Species Act
  134. In Many Places and in Many Ways NOAA's Environmental Heroes Help Protect the Planet
  135. New NOAA Climate Observatory in Russia Closes Gap on Arctic Research
  136. Climate Models Suggest Warming-induced Wind Shear Changes Could Impact Hurricane Development, Intensity
  137. NOAA Lab Opens 3-d Earth Site in Online Virtual World
  138. A.R. Ravishankara Named Division Director of NOAA Boulder Laboratory
  139. NOAA Announces Next Solar Storm Cycle Will Likely Start Next March
  140. Puget Sound Steelhead Get Protection under Endangered Species Act
  141. Study Shows Big Economic Benefits of NOAA Ports Ocean Observing System in Houston/Galveston
  142. Cameo Chemicals: NOAA's New Online Tool for Hazardous Materials Responders
  143. Jane C. Luxton to Be New NOAA General Counsel
  144. Renowned Environmental Artist to Create Commemorative Painting for NOAA's 200th Celebration
  145. Students Selected for 2007 NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholarships
  146. NOAA's National Weather Service to Launch Pacific Northwest Severe Weather Awareness Week
  147. It's Air Quality Awareness Week: Keep an Eye on the AQI
  148. Bush Administration Calls for Greater Protection of Nation's Coral Reefs
  149. Conference Seeks to Strengthen International Fishery Observer Programs
  150. Despite Record Cold Start, April Temperature near Average for U.S.; Global April Surface Temperature Third Warmest on Record
  151. NOAA Temporarily Suspends Requirement to Use Circle Hooks In Atlantic Billfish Tournaments
  152. NOAA Hosts Hazardous Weather Forecasting Experiment in New National Weather Center
  153. NOAA Ocean Explorer Web Site Honored by Webby Awards For Excellence in Science and Education
  154. NOAA Deploys First "Smart Buoy" to Support Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail
  155. NOAA Predicts above Normal 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season; 13 to 17 Named Storms Predicted
  156. NOAA Predicts below Normal 2007 East Pacific Hurricane Season; 12 to 16 Named Storms Predicted
  157. NOAA Announces Central Pacific Hurricane Season Outlook; Watches and Warnings Now to Cover NW Hawaiian Islands and Johnston Island
  158. NOAA Presents Student Award at 2007 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
  159. NOAA and the National Park Service Team up to Educate Beachgoers on How to Break the Grip of the Rip®
  160. NOAA Names Veteran Meteorologist to Lead National Weather Service
  161. Chaland Headland Named One of America’s Top Restored Beaches Following NOAA-led Project in Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
  162. NOAA Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary Shipwreck Paul Palmer Listed on National Register of Historic Places
  163. NOAA Scientists Partner with International Team of Experts to Determine Reactions of Marine Mammals to Underwater Sound
  164. Historic Connecticut Fish Run Restored
  165. Student Team from Connecticut’s Naugatuck High School Names NOAA’s New Coastal Mapping Vessel
  166. Harper Named to Run NOAA’s Satellite Acquisitions
  167. First-of-kind Buoy to Monitor North Pacific Acidification
  168. NOAA Green Ships Win White House Award
  169. NOAA Celebrates World Ocean Day
  170. NOAA Volunteers and Partners Restore Chesapeake Bay Habitat in Maryland and Virginia
  171. NOAA Expands Great Lakes Research; Ten Universities Named to Form Great Lakes Cooperative Institute
  172. Widespread Warmth Leads to the Fifth Warmest Spring for U.S., Driest Spring on Record Across the Southeast Worsens Drought
  173. NOAA Emphasizes Importance of Using New Elevations in Louisiana Reconstruction, Recovery Projects
  174. NOAA and VT Halter Marine Celebrate the 'Laying of the Keel' For NOAA’s Two Newest Ships
  175. NOAA & U.S. Coast Guard Map Long Island Shore to Prepare for Spills
  176. NOAA Releases Annual Status of U.S. Fisheries Report for 2006
  177. NOAA Promotes Clean Marina Program to Enhance Waterfronts
  178. NOAA Releases Revised Five-year Research Plan for Public Review
  179. NOAA Announces Appointments of Regional Fishery Council Members
  180. NOAA Reminds Kids: When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors. Leon the Lightning Lion Provides Safety Tips
  181. NOAA Announces Rule to Protect North Atlantic Right Whales from Gillnet Entanglement in Southeast U.S.
  182. NOAA’s National Weather Service Debuts Heat Health Watch Warning System in Parts of San Francisco Bay Area
  183. NOAA Hunts for Deep-sea Fish Habitat off Georgia Coast
  184. New NOAA Research Vessel Exceeds International Standards as Quiet Vessel
  185. Smithsonian Poster Exhibit Celebrates 200th Anniversary of NOAA Predecessor
  186. NOAA and Coast Guard Help Shift Boston Ship Traffic Lane to Reduce Risk of Collisions with Whales
  187. NOAA Partners with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Help Sharks Keep Their Fins
  188. Strong Protection Measures for Marine Mammals Tied to Operation of Low Frequency Sonar
  189. Dutch Harbor-Unalaska, Alaska and New Bedford, Mass., Remain Top U.S. Fishing Ports for 2006
  190. Spotted Seatrout Is Top Catch Among Saltwater Recreational Anglers for the Third Year in a Row
  191. Seafood Consumption Increases in 2006
  192. NOAA and Louisiana Scientists Say Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone Could Be Largest since Measurements Began in 1985
  193. NOAA Names New Director at Climate Prediction Center
  194. NOAA Commissions New Fisheries Survey Vessel Henry B. Bigelow
  195. 2007 Warmer, Drier than Average for Much of U.S., Global Average Temperature Second Warmest on Record since January
  196. NOAA’s National Weather Service Selects New Leader of Topeka Weather Forecast Office
  197. NOAA Proposes Stringent Limits to Sandbar Shark Fishing
  198. 2007 Starts Warmer, Drier than Average for Much of U.S., Global Average Temperature Second Warmest on Record since January
  199. New Web Site Provides Pacific Northwest Shellfish Growers with Real-time Water Quality Data
  200. NOAA Deploys Third Smart Buoy as Part of Interpretive Buoy System on the Chesapeake Bay
  201. Weather, Transportation Experts Collaborate to Reduce Weather-related Transportation Deaths, Injuries, Damage and Inefficiencies
  202. Smithsonian Exhibit Celebrates 200th Anniversary of NOAA; Predecessor Exhibit Opening Today at Port of New Orleans' Administration Building
  203. NOAA Announces First 2007 Grant Recipient for Regional Integrated Ocean Observing Systems Development
  204. NOAA Report on Nutrient Pollution Forecasts Worsening Health for Nation's Estuaries
  205. Smithsonian Exhibit Celebrates 200th Anniversary of NOAA Predecessor; Exhibit Opening Today at Port of New Orleans' Administration Building
  206. NOAA Announces First 2007 Grant Recipient for Regional Integrated Ocean Observing Systems Development
  207. NOAA Deploys Third Smart Buoy as Part of Interpretive Buoy System on the Chesapeake Bay
  208. Weather, Transportation Experts Collaborate to Reduce Weather-related Transportation Deaths, Injuries, Damage and Inefficiencies
  209. NOAA Fisheries Service Issues Rule to Improve Sea Turtle Bycatch Monitoring
  210. NOAA Develops Seafood Consumer Guide: To be Unveiled at the Great American Seafood Cook-off in New Orleans
  211. Commerce Secretary Assigns New Director for NOAA Marine and Aviation Operations Centers
  212. NOAA, NASA Announce Contract Modification for N-Prime Satellite
  213. NOAA Rejects Longline Swordfish Permit but Remains Committed to Research in Closed Areas
  214. Marine Zones Now in Federal Waters of NOAA's Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
  215. NOAA Updates Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook; Above-Normal Season Still Expected
  216. NOAA's National Weather Service Selects New Leader of Ruskin, Fla., Forecast Office
  217. NOAA, State Officials Dedicate $1.2 Million in New and Renovated Facilities for Tijuana River National Estuarine Reserve
  218. NOAA Coast Survey Continues Sea Floor Mapping Expedition in the Arctic
  219. Record Warmth in Western U.S. in July, Drought Severity Worsened, Global Temperature 7th Warmest for July
  220. NOAA Science Advisory Board to Discuss Extended Continental Shelf Exploration and OKEANOS Research Vessel Maiden Voyage
  221. NOAA Projects Lake Superior May Hit Record Low Levels this Fall
  222. Local NOAA Scientists Share Connections Between Oceans and Health
  223. Heilman Dam Removal Restores 18 Miles of Historic Fish Habitat
  224. NOAA Updates Atlantic Hurricane Season Outlook; Above-Normal Season Still Expected
  225. NOAA Signs New Hawaiian Monk Seal Recovery Plan; Critically endangered monk seals to benefit
  226. NOAA Fisheries Holds Open House at Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute
  227. First Project Completed under NOAA Open Rivers Initiative
  228. NOAA, NASA Announce GOES-R Instrument Contract Award
  229. U. S. Coral Reef Task Force Launches New Climate Change Effort
  230. NOAA Provides Easy Online Access to Historical Hurricane Tracks
  231. NOAA Deactivates Polar Orbiting Satellite; NOAA-12 was Nation’s Longest Serving Polar Orbiting Satellite
  232. Greenhouse Gases Likely Drove Near-record U.S. Warmth in 2006
  233. Scientists Record First Megapclicks from Feeding Humpback Whales in NOAA's Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
  234. NOAA Scientist Receives American Geophysical Union's Highest Award
  235. NOAA Reports La Niña Is Developing
  236. NOAA Releases Action Plan on Tropical Prediction Center Assessment
  237. Bill Proenza Assigned to National Weather Service Southern Region
  238. Searching for Sharks: Acoustic Receivers Monitor Apex Predators in Hawaiian Archipelago
  239. Scientists Fear Rare Dolphin Driven to Extinction by Human Activities, Other Species Also Vulnerable
  240. NOAA's National Weather Service Selects New Leader of Indianapolis Weather Forecast Office
  241. New Federal Plan Keeps Air Travelers Safe from Volcanic Ash
  242. Warm Summer in U.S. Ends with Record Heat in South, Widespread Drought Continues in Southeast, West
  243. NOAA Joins International Coastal Cleanup Effort to Rid Oceans and Waterways of Marine Debris
  244. Interagency Report Says Harmful Algal Blooms Increasing, Calls for Improved Research on Prediction and Response
  245. NOAA Awards $115 Million Contract to Support Operational Space, Ground Systems
  246. NOAA, Indonesian Ministry Sign Agreement to Advance Coastal, Marine Efforts
  247. New Research Coordinator Joins Southern California's Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
  248. NOAA & Smithsonian Say U.S. Waters Safer from Invasive Species If Ships Flush and Fill Ballast Water at Sea
  249. NOAA Awards GEONETCast Americas Contract
  250. NOAA, NASA Award $178 Million GOES-R Instrument Contract