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  1. NOAA urges beach-goers to Break the Grip of the Rip
  2. Dangerous toxin discovered in critically endangered Hawaiian monk seal
  3. First JPSS antenna installed as NOAA continues to highlight consequences of budget sh
  4. U.S. slightly cooler and wetter than normal in May
  5. NOAA proposes critical habitat revision for the Hawaiian monk seal, seeks public comm
  6. Healthy oceans are everyone's business
  7. BOEMRE, NOAA and USGS Launch Maritime Science Expedition Off Mid-Atlantic Coast Aboar
  8. NOAA announces agency-wide move to cloud-based unified messaging technology
  9. Commerce and NOAA release national aquaculture policies to increase domestic seafood
  10. Adios, La Nina
  11. NOAA, coastal states discuss U.S. tsunami capabilities, local preparedness needs
  12. Major Flooding on the Mississippi River Predicted to Cause Largest Gulf of Mexico Dea
  13. Statement from Maureen Wylie, NOAA chief financial officer
  14. NOAA seeks public comments on scientific integrity policy
  15. Global temperatures were 10th warmest on record for May
  16. Arctic Symposium address by Dr. Jane Lubchenco
  17. NOAA and partners launch new community-based lightning awareness and safety program
  18. How is NOAA managing funds to protect domestic fishing? (Testimony by Eric Schwaab)
  19. Keel-laying ceremony held in Marinette, Wis. for NOAA Survey Vessel Reuben Lasker
  20. Creating a NOAA Climate Service
  21. Climate changing our nation's landscapes: NOAA, American Public Gardens Association u
  22. NOAA steps up effort to address sea turtle mortality, seeks public input
  23. NOAA and Navy to conduct archaeological survey of two Civil War shipwrecks in Hampton
  24. El Niño-Southern Oscillation and other climate patterns play a major role in 2010; 20
  25. Average U.S. temperature increases by 0.5 degrees F - New 1981-2010 'normals' to be r
  26. NOAA sets fishing quotas for bluefin tuna
  27. Western Governors, NOAA agree to work together to improve climate services
  28. Widespread flood threat to continue through summer: 2011 could rival Great Flood of 1
  29. NOAA Ship Fairweather sets sail to map areas of the Arctic
  30. U.S. warmer and drier than normal in June
  31. NOAA announces aquaculture initiative to enable domestic seafood production and creat
  32. Central U.S. feels the heat
  33. Global temperatures were seventh warmest on record for June
  34. Annual stock report shows steady progress toward rebuilding our nation’s fisheries
  35. NOAA is taking steps to protect sea turtles in the Gulf
  36. U.S. joins more than 50 nations in adopting recommendation to list vessels engaged in
  37. Strong El Niño could bring increased sea levels, storm surges to U.S. East Coast
  38. NOAA Corps officer promoted to rear admiral, appointed director of NOAA fleet operati
  39. NOAA: Crew acted responsibly before, after 2009 whale collision
  40. NOAA, the U.S. Department of Energy and private partners launch project to reduce the
  41. Capt. Randall J. TeBeest assumes command of NOAA Aircraft Operations Center
  42. NOAA's Arlene Fiore lauded for atmospheric chemistry research: American Geophysical U
  43. First Battle of Manassas map in NOAA's Civil War chart collection shows Confederate s
  44. NOAA approves catch limit increases and other measures to provide greater flexibility
  45. Secretary Locke certifies that Iceland's whaling undermines the International Whaling
  46. Increase in particles high in Earth's atmosphere has offset some recent climate warmi
  47. NOAA seeks public input on sustainable management of halibut stock
  48. NOAA approves Rhode Island plan for offshore energy development, job creation and oce
  49. Heat wave anchored in Central U.S.
  50. Buckson named NOAA Fisheries law enforcement director
  51. NOAA, Bermuda partner to protect humpback whales in the North Atlantic
  52. NOAA administrator selected as recipient of 2011 Blue Planet Prize
  53. 'Federal Disaster Assistance Budgeting: Are We Weather-ready?' - Testimony by Dr. Kat
  54. Heat wave records shattered
  55. New NOAA report highlights economic and ecological value of the Gulf coastal region
  56. Tracking Tropical Storm Emily
  57. NOAA's Atlantic hurricane season update calls for increase in named storms
  58. NOAA, Oregon crab industry to celebrate continued marine debris partnership
  59. NOAA, Port of Newport dedicate new Marine Operations Center - Pacific facility
  60. 'Putting Science to Work for Everyone' -- Remarks by Dr. Jane Lubchenco at the Denver
  61. New 'smart buoy' launched near Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
  62. Global temperatures were seventh warmest on record for July
  63. NOAA, University of Hawaii, research Maui's World War II legacy
  64. Heat wave leads to fourth warmest July on record for the U.S.
  65. National Weather Service launches new heat safety website en Español
  66. NOAA announces re-appointment to Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  67. Three global energy companies and NOAA agree to share ocean, coastal and meteorologic
  68. Statement from Maureen Wylie, NOAA chief financial officer on Asset Forfeiture Fund m
  69. NOAA provides easy access to historical hurricane tracks
  70. NOAA, France partner in historic effort to protect North Atlantic humpback whales
  71. Looking at Irene
  72. Agencies partner to help save endangered Kemp’s ridley sea turtles
  73. NOAA Ship Rainier returns to Alaska to conduct sea floor surveys in support of safe n
  74. 'Early warning' coral reef observing network expands to the Pacific
  75. Researchers release study on emissions from BP/Deepwater Horizon controlled burns
  76. Ship owners and operators to pay $44 million for 2007 Cosco Busan crash and oil spill
  77. $36.8 million from Cosco Busan settlement to restore natural resources and improve re
  78. VDatum a vital GIS tool for safe navigational products
  79. NOAA, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service revise loggerhead sea turtle listing
  80. Globe had eighth warmest August on record
  81. Sill response team nominated for Service to America honors
  82. NOAA releases first national bycatch reportEstablishes methodology, baseline for futu
  83. Success of multibeam sonar to detect and map deep-sea gas seeps
  84. NOAA helps New York respond to Long Island South Shore toxic algal bloom
  85. Air pollution caused by ships plummets when vessels shift to cleaner fuels
  86. NOAA to use EPA administrative law judges for newly docketed enforcement cases
  87. Climate Prediction Center: La Nina is back
  88. Joplin tornado offers important lessons for disaster preparedness
  89. U.S. experiences second warmest summer on record
  90. Atmospheric and Environmental Research teams with NOAA on hail and severe storms risk
  91. Public gives NOAA's National Weather Service high marks in customer satisfaction
  92. Agencies directed to take actions to encourage Iceland to change whaling policy
  93. Strange vent-fellows: explorers discover two species of marine life at hydrothermal v
  94. Argo floats help monitor ocean acidity
  95. NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson conducts sea floor surveys to keep shipping safe along Lon
  96. NOAA sends balloons aloft to collect data for renewable wind energy project
  97. NOAA: U.S. domestic seafood landings and values increase in 2010
  98. U.S., European Union to strengthen cooperation to combat illegal fishing
  99. Tracking Tropical Storm Lee
  100. NOAA announces contract to construct National Water Center
  101. President to honor high achieving, early career NOAA scientists
  102. Acting Secretary Blank Announces $102 Million in Wetlands, Barrier Island Restoration
  103. Testimony by NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco on New England groundfish manageme
  104. Special Agent in Charge named for Northeast fisheries
  105. U.S. experiences warmer than average September
  106. NOAA awards nearly $1 million to University of Miami for coral investigation
  107. New sanctuary research area to help improve understanding of important habitats
  108. United States regrets Japan's renewed whaling in the Southern Ocean
  109. Global temperatures in September were eighth warmest on record
  110. New regional climate science collaborations announced in Alaska, California/Nevada, a
  111. Oceanographer named to head NOAA's Seattle research laboratory
  112. NOAA funds grants to implement new technologies for harmful algal bloom monitoring an
  113. Space weather prediction model improves NOAA's forecast skill
  114. NOAA study points to less water loss in future Great Lakes levels
  115. NOAA Administrator statement on observer costs and reforms
  116. NOAA, NASA: Significant ozone hole remains over Antarctica
  117. U.S. dealt another La Niña winter but ‘wild card’ could trump it
  118. NOAA selects Oregon State University to lead Cooperative Institute for Marine Resourc
  119. Revised Fagatele Bay National Marine Sanctuary draft management plan released for pub
  120. U.S. residents say Hawaii’s coral reef ecosystems worth $33.57 billion per year
  121. Status report on Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary marine resources released
  122. NOAA releases socio-economic study to assist stakeholder workshop on how to improve g
  123. Naval and ocean engineer to lead NOAA ocean exploration and research office
  124. Statement from NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco on release of socioeconomic data
  125. NOAA increases Northeast skate quota for fishermen by 17 million pounds
  126. NOAA finds bacterial infection as cause of death for five northern Gulf dolphins; inv
  127. NOAA study: Human-caused climate change a major factor in more frequent Mediterranean
  128. Nearly $1 million to be invested with university partners for hurricane advances
  129. NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco responds to Senator Kerry
  130. Plan released for managing, protecting Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary
  131. Dr. Larry Robinson, assistant secretary of commerce for conservation and management,
  132. Findings identify bacterial infection as cause of death for five northern Gulf dolphi
  133. NOAA award will aid Long Island communities and New York’s shellfish industry threate
  134. String of seal deaths in New England an unusual mortality event
  135. New NOAA-funded research to provide early warning of red tide effects on Maine shellf
  136. NOAA assesses civil penalties to shrimpers for alleged Turtle Excluder Device violati
  137. NOAA: October warmer than average in the United States
  138. NOAA seeks input on enforcement priorities
  139. Greenhouse gas index continues climbing
  140. Biofilter for removing algal toxins from Great Lakes to be developed with NOAA grant
  141. NOAA awards grant to advance harmful algal bloom warnings to protect public and anima
  142. Adventure Aquarium and New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences designated the region’
  143. Global temperatures 8th warmest on record for October
  144. NOAA awards a total of $10.8 million to four minority serving institutions to train n
  145. Grant awarded by NOAA to save endangered sea turtles from toxic red tides in the Gulf
  146. Statement from Russell F. Smith III, deputy assistant secretary for international fis
  147. Scientists link upward trend in pollution to increased intensity of Arabian Sea tropi
  148. Active 2011 hurricane season breaks 'Hurricane Amnesia'
  149. Arctic settles into new phase - warmer, greener, and less ice
  150. Remarks from the NOAA Administrator on the challenges toassuring the health of the Gu
  151. NOAA activates GOES-15 satellite; deactivates GOES-11 after nearly 12 years in orbit
  152. NOAA releases regional saltwater recreational fishing plans designed to improve fishi
  153. NOAA: Autumn and November both warmer than average in the United States - U.S. sets r
  154. NOAA issues scientific integrity policy
  155. Yellow perch quickly purge a harmful algal toxin
  156. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA’s Fisheries Service propose policy to improve
  157. Coral reef successfully restored after 2002 boat grounding in Florida Keys
  158. Legislation drafted by NOAA to protect U.S. fishermen from unfair competition
  159. Remarks by the NOAA Administrator on a Weather-Ready Nation at the Severe Weather Sym
  160. Deepwater Horizon Natural Resource trustees call for public input on early restoratio
  161. Global temperatures 12th warmest on record for November
  162. Air pollution levels from Deepwater Horizon spill similar to large urban area
  163. NOAA awards research grant to help prevent toxin-induced seafood poisoning in Gulf of
  164. NOAA seeks comment on draft environmental impact statement on Arctic oil and gas expl
  165. Statement from NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco on the selection of acting assis
  166. Chemical measurements confirm official estimate of Gulf oil spill rate
  167. Three vessels charged with violating Right Whale ship strike reduction rule pay penal
  168. NOAA flights over Pacific to boost North American weather forecasting
  169. Remarks delivered by NOAA Administrator on sustainable oceans at University of Califo
  170. Dr. Robert Detrick named new assistant administrator of NOAA research office
  171. National Strategy proposed to respond to climate change’s impacts on fish, wildlife,
  172. 2011 a year of climate extremes in the United States
  173. Additional critical habitat designated for leatherback sea turtles off West Coast
  174. Weather-Ready Nation emergency response project launched in Louisiana
  175. Researcher earns international honor for discoveries on the role of atmospheric water
  176. NOAA satellites aid in the rescue of 207 people in 2011
  177. Remarks delivered by NOAA Administrator at the American Meteorological Society annual
  178. Improved way to estimate saltwater recreational fishing unveiled
  179. Statement from Dr. Jane Lubchenco on the death of former NOAA Administrator Dr. Antho
  180. Los Angeles declared StormReady and TsunamiReady
  181. NOAA launches USS Monitor 150th anniversary website
  182. BSEE and NOAA to complete Arctic oil spill response mapping tool
  183. New satellite instrument for improved weather forecasts put into service
  184. NOAA doubles Gulf of Maine winter flounder catch limits
  185. NOAA’s National Water Center coming to Alabama
  186. NOAA, NASA activate new satellite instrument to monitor health and recovery of Earth’
  187. NOAA announces appointment to Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
  188. National Severe Weather Workshop to enhance NOAA's Weather-Ready Nation efforts
  189. - Recreates faces of two sailors found in ill-fated ship’s gun turret
  190. U.S. hurricane forecasters embark to Mexico & Caribbean on preparedness mission
  191. Final restoration plan completed for Cosco Busan oil spill
  192. NOAA: Winter season fourth warmest on record for U.S.
  193. Illinois, last eligible state, joins national coastal management program
  194. NOAA and FEMA promote National Flood Safety Awareness Week 2012
  195. NOAA authorizes states to remove sea lions that threaten protected salmon
  196. Risk of major flooding in spring is low for the first time in four years
  197. Amount of coldest Antarctic water near ocean floor decreasing for decades
  198. U.S. Coast Survey's surveyors were pivotal in the Civil War Battle for New Orleans
  199. University of North Dakota professor receives NOAA's David S. Johnson award
  200. NOAA's coastal mapping program offers huge taxpayer benefits, report says
  201. New management measures for Gulf of Maine cod for 2012
  202. New iPad, iPhone app helps mariners avoid endangered right whales
  203. Special navigation 'Booklet Charts' issued to commemorate the War of 1812
  204. New views of Earth’s ocean floor released
  205. Local students deploy global ocean drifter off of Massachusetts
  206. NOAA seeks input on Monitor National Marine Sanctuary draft management plan
  207. NOAA proposes removing eastern Steller sea lions from endangered species list
  208. NOAA’s Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary hosts public meetings, seeks comment on
  209. Public invited to virtually join NOAA exploration of the Gulf, live from the seafloor
  210. Global ocean drifter deployed off of Maui
  211. Rise in Asian Tiger Shrimp sightings prompts scientific look at invasion concerns
  212. NOAA releases final management plan for Flower Garden Banks Sanctuary
  213. Global ocean drifter deployed off of South Florida
  214. NOAA Fisheries Service announces steps that may assist fishing industry facing George
  215. NOAA near-term weather forecasts get powerful boost from new computer model
  216. Weather-Ready Nation pilot project in Tampa
  217. Global ocean drifter deployed off Santa Cruz Island in California
  218. Discovering a way to detect low-level exposure to seafood toxin in marine animals
  219. NOAA issues science-based measures to protect marine mammals during Shell’s proposed
  220. Public comment period begins for court ordered NOAA proposal designed to protect sea
  221. U.S. April temperatures third warmest on record
  222. Annual NOAA report shows a record number of rebuilt fisheries
  223. NOAA, partners kick off multi-state study of how thunderstorms affect upper atmospher
  224. April global temperatures are fifth warmest
  225. U.S.-Japan scientific cooperation strengthened with launch of new environmental monit
  226. Historic, 19th century shipwreck discovered in northern Gulf of Mexico
  227. New analysis shows eight percent of U.S. marine waters protected