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  1. Salazar, Lubchenco Applaud Designation of Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument
  2. NOAA Decommissions Long-serving Research Ship David Starr Jordan
  3. Top Fish Predators Decline in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
  4. NOAA Report Reviews Ecosystem Management in National Marine Sanctuaries
  5. NOAA Enforcement Summit Focuses on Effectiveness, Consistency, Transparency, and Comm
  6. U.S. Departments of Commerce and the Interior to Cooperate on Climate-Related Activit
  7. New Research Aims to Unravel How Phosphorus Pollution Drives Toxic Blooms of Blue-Gre
  8. New Research to Improve Management of Harmful Algal Blooms in Puget Sound
  9. Federal Science Report Details Fate of Oil from BP Spill
  10. NOAA Announces Funding to Model Effects of Sea Level Rise in Northern Gulf of Mexico
  11. President Obama Announces Intent to Nominate Scott Doney as NOAA Chief Scientist
  12. NOAA: More Fishing, Higher Consumption Might Help Reverse Lionfish Invasion
  13. NOAA: More Actions Needed to Help Western Steller Sea Lion Recover
  14. NOAA-Supported Scientists Find Changes to Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone
  15. NOAA Awards Grant to Investigate Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change on Hypoxia in
  16. NOAA Reopens More Than 5,000 Square Miles of Closed Gulf Fishing Area
  17. NOAA Scientists Uncover Oscillating Patterns in Clouds
  18. NOAA: Second Warmest July and Warmest Year-to-Date Global Temperature on Record
  19. Scientists Release the First Rescued, Rehabilitated Sea Turtles Back into the Gulf
  20. NOAA Fisheries Scientist Wins 2010 Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development
  21. NOAA Issues Regulations Governing Navy's Activities in the Mariana Islands
  22. NOAA Commissions New Research Ship Bell M. Shimada
  23. Indonesian, U.S. Scientists Explore Seafloor, Discover Significant Diversity and Find
  24. NASA/NOAA Study Finds El Niños Growing Stronger
  25. NOAA, SeaWeb Partner to Communicate the Value of Coral Reefs
  26. NOAA Reopens More than 4,000 Square Miles of Closed Gulf Fishing Area
  27. Tracking Dangerous Hurricane Earl
  28. NASA, NOAA: Newest GOES Satellite Ready For Action
  29. NOAA Reopens More than 5,000 Square Miles in the Gulf to Fishing
  30. Secretary Locke Extends Disaster Declaration for California Salmon Fishermen
  31. Secretary Locke Extends Disaster Declaration for California Salmon Fishermen
  32. No Dead Zones Observed or Expected as Part of BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  33. NOAA: Fourth Warmest U.S. Summer on Record
  34. New Bedford, Mass. and Dutch Harbor-Unalaska, Alaska Remain Top Fishing Ports
  35. U.S. Seafood Consumption Declines Slightly in 2009
  36. NHC is tracking two storms:
  37. Scientists Find 20 Years of Deep Water Warming Leading to Sea Level Rise
  38. NOAA Project to Investigate Impacts of Shallow Water Hypoxia in Chesapeake Bay
  39. NOAA Reopens Nearly 8,000 Square Miles in the Gulf of Mexico to Fishing
  40. NOAA Announces New Information Technology Business Model
  41. Commerce Secretary Locke Announces Awards to Six New Regional Climate Science Collabo
  42. NOAA: Coral Bleaching Likely in Caribbean This Year
  43. Matthew Forms in the Caribbean
  44. NOAA and Partners: Decades of Research Find 'Unprecedented' Change in Lake Michigan
  45. NOAA Strategy for Future Reopenings
  46. Resource Restoration Planning Process Begins for BP/Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill
  47. NOAA Provides Easy Access to Historical Atlantic Hurricane Tracks
  48. NOAA-Sponsored Scientists First to Map Offshore San Andreas Fault and Associated Ecos
  49. Transcript: NOAA Administrator’s Keynote Address on NOAA Science and the Gulf Oil Spi
  50. NOAA Reopens Nearly 3,000 Square Miles in the Gulf of Mexico to Fishing
  51. U.S. Collaborates with Arctic Coastal States to Improve Nautical Charts
  52. NOAA Unveils Special Collection of Civil War Maps and Nautical Charts
  53. NOAA: U.S. Experienced Above Average Temperatures, Rainfall in September
  54. NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco Sends Letter to Oil Spill Commission
  55. Live from Undersea Lab: NOAA Webcasts Corals Research to U.S. Classrooms
  56. NOAA Establishes Supercomputing Center in West Virginia
  57. New Federal Rule Allows NOAA to Deny Port Entry to Illegal Fishing Vessels
  58. NOAA Sends Catch Shares Applications to West Coast Fishermen
  59. NOAA Announces Enforcement Office Changes
  60. NOAA Takes Steps to Reform Enforcement Practices
  61. NOAA: Another Winter of Extremes in Store for U.S. as La Niña Strengthens
  62. NOAA Lists Population of Spotted Seals as Threatened
  63. Arctic Report Card: Region Continues to Warm at Unprecedented Rate
  64. NOAA, Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and Audubon Nature Institute Ret
  65. BOEMRE, DOE, and NOAA Announce Nearly $5 Million for Joint Environmental Research Pro
  66. Ocean Climate Center Unveiled at NOAA's Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctu
  67. NOAA, Wisconsin Officials Designate 17,000-acre Research Reserve on Lake Superior
  68. NOAA Announces Action Agenda for Recreational Saltwater Fisheries
  69. NOAA-Funded Tagging of Narwhals Finds Continued Warming of Southern Baffin Bay
  70. NOAA Explores the Pacific Ocean While Supporting Fisheries Research
  71. NOAA: Ship Speed Restrictions to Protect Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales
  72. Statement From NOAA Administrator Dr. Jane Lubchenco on the Passing of Renowned Seawe
  73. NOAA Launches Education Website With New Look and Content
  74. NOAA Announces Environmental Literacy Grants for Science Education
  75. Statement by Eric Schwaab, Assistant Administrator for NOAA's Fisheries Service, on D
  76. NOAA Policy Encourages Catch Shares to End Overfishing and Rebuild Fisheries
  77. Federal & Academic Scientists Return from Deep-sea Research Cruise in Gulf of Mexico
  78. NOAA Scientists Receive Presidential Honor
  79. NOAA: U.S. Experienced Above Average Temperatures; Below Average Rainfall
  80. NOAA Issues Regulations Governing Navy’s Activities off the Northwest Coast
  81. NOAA Scientist Receives French Legion of Honor Award
  82. New U.S. - India "Monsoon Agreement" to Improve Global Seasonal Climate Forecasts
  83. Review of Four Decades of Scientific Literature Concludes Lower Atmosphere is Warming
  84. Heat Stress to Caribbean Corals in 2005 Worst on Record
  85. Federal, State Natural Resource Agencies Receive $27.5 Million to Restore Delaware Ri
  86. NOAA Reopens More Than 8,000 Square Miles in the Gulf of Mexico to Fishing
  87. NOAA Proposes the Hawaiian Insular False Killer Whale for Listing as Endangered
  88. NOAA Enforces Right Whale Ship Strike Reduction Rule
  89. NOAA: October Ranked 8th Warmest on Record
  90. NOAA Announces $9.2 Million to Restore Fish Habitat in Great Lakes
  91. NOAA's Enforcement Actions in the Gulf of Mexico Help Ensure Safe Seafood
  92. Secretary Locke Criticizes Escalation of Icelandic Whaling
  93. United States Leads Push for Strong Measures to Protect Sharks and Sea Turtles
  94. Secretary Locke Criticizes Escalation of Icelandic Whaling
  95. NOAA Closes 4,200 Square Miles of Gulf Waters to Royal Red Shrimping
  96. New Rule Prohibits Vessel Sewage Discharge into Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuar
  97. NOAA Response to Inspector General's Report on NOAA's Enforcement Program
  98. NOAA: New Outreach Positions to Help NE Fishermen Comply with Regulations
  99. Active Atlantic Hurricane Season a 'Gentle Giant' for U.S.
  100. NOAA Sets $15 Fee for the National Saltwater Angler Registry
  101. NOAA Response to Inspector General's Report on NOAA's Enforcement Program
  102. NOAA Awards $2 Million for Regional Sea Grant Efforts to Fight Aquatic Invasive Speci
  103. NOAA Awards Seven Fisheries Service/Sea Grant Fellowships
  104. NOAA, Spain Announce Cooperative Arrangement to Preserve Maritime Underwater Heritage
  105. NOAA Hurricane Research Director to Receive AMS Suomi Award
  106. President Obama Announces Intent to Nominate Kathryn D. Sullivan, PhD, as Assistant S
  107. NOAA Proposes Listing Ringed and Bearded Seals as Threatened Under Endangered Species
  108. NOAA Extends Fishing Ban for South Atlantic Red Snapper
  109. Capt. David A. Score Takes Command of NOAA’s Atlantic Fleet
  110. Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument Marks Major Milestones World Heritage Insc
  111. NOAA Proposes Listing Ringed and Bearded Seals as Threatened Under Endangered Species
  112. NOAA Extends Fishing Ban for South Atlantic Red Snapper
  113. Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument Marks Major Milestones World Heritage Insc
  114. NOAA Restricts Commercial Mackerel, Cod Fishing in Western Aleutians to Protect Weste
  115. First Underwater Robot to Cross Atlantic Highlighted at Smithsonian Ocean Hall
  116. Forecast System to Warn of Toxic Algal Outbreaks Along Texas' Shoreline
  117. U.S. and Indonesian Scientists Find Biodiversity Runs Deep in Sulawesi Sea
  118. New NOAA Buoy to Help Close Gap in Climate Understanding South of Africa
  119. New Report Outlines Restoration Activities to Speed Seagrass Recovery in Florida Keys
  120. NOAA Scientist Awarded Revelle Medal at AGU
  121. Federal Oil Spill Response Transitions to Regional Structure, Releases Scientific Rep
  122. Commerce Secretary Determines Red Tide Disaster in Maine
  123. NOAA, Partners: Growing Hypoxic Zones Reduce Habitat for Billfish and Tuna
  124. Holiday Travel Weather: Naughty or Nice?
  125. NOAA Finalizes Plans for 2011 Hydrographic Survey Season
  126. New Website Displays Historical Data on NOAA's Deepwater Horizon Response
  127. NOAA and Partners Assist Entangled Right Whale off East Coast of Florida
  128. NOAA Improves Marine and Weather Forecast Models for the Great Lakes
  129. Thriving 'Middle Light' Reefs Found in Puerto Rico
  130. NOAA-led Research Team Takes Measure of the Variability of the Atmosphere's Self-Clea
  131. NOAA-led Research Team Takes Measure of the Variability of the Atmosphere’s Self-Clea
  132. Thriving 'Middle Light' Reefs Found in Puerto Rico
  133. NOAA Improves Marine and Weather Forecast Models for the Great Lakes
  134. NOAA: Snow Just About Everywhere You Go
  135. NOAA Will Work With Six Identified Nations to Address Illegal, Unreported, and Unregu
  136. NOAA: 2010 Tied For Warmest Year on Record
  137. NOAA's National Weather Service Releases Report on May 2010 Nashville Flood
  138. NOAA Satellites Help Track Major Snowstorm in Northeast
  139. NOAA Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Overflight Rule Change for Four National Marine
  140. North American Winter Storm Forecasts to Get Boost from High-Tech NOAA Plane
  141. Scientists Successfully Use Sedation to Help Disentangle North Atlantic Right Whale
  142. NOAA Satellites Aid in the Rescue of 295 People in 2010
  143. NOAA: Persistent Drought to Linger Across Southern United States
  144. From Hope to Action: Making Healthy Oceans Everyone’s Business
  145. Departments of Energy and Commerce Announce New Partnership to Further Cooperation on
  146. NOAA's Louis W. Uccellini Named President-Elect of the American Meteorological Societ
  147. New Assistant Administrator for NOAA Ocean Service
  148. 20th Century Shipwreck in NOAA’s Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary Listed on National Registe
  149. NOAA, Partners, Launch New Website Highlighting African-American Maritime Heritage
  150. NOAA Reopens More Than 4,000 Square Miles of Gulf Waters to Royal Red Shrimping
  151. NOAA Investigations Into Mislabeling Seafood Protects Consumers and Fishermen
  152. NOAA: U.S. Cooler and Much Drier than Normal in January
  153. Excerpt of Administrator's Remarks to the Union of Concerned Scientists about Scienti
  154. Negotiations with Canada Set Stage for Significant Increase in U.S. Yellowtail Flound
  155. Commerce, NOAA Release Draft National Aquaculture Policies, Invite Public Comment
  156. NOAA Launches Website on Emerging Marine Renewable Energy
  157. NOAA: U.S. Coast Survey Civil War Map Among First to Visualize Slavery, Influence Lin
  158. NOAA Studies Atmospheric ‘Rivers’ Using Unmanned Aircraft
  159. NOAA Administrator Keynote Address on Restoration in the Gulf of Mexico
  160. NOAA Names New Director of National Severe Storms Laboratory
  161. NOAA Oceanographer Elected AAAS Fellow
  162. NOAA Announces FY 2012 Budget
  163. NOAA: January 2011 Ranked 17th Warmest on Record
  164. NOAA Issues Regulations Governing Navy's Training Activities in the Gulf of Mexico Ra
  165. Study: Ozone Layer’s Future Linked Strongly to Changes in Climate
  166. Science Shows Planned Area Closure off Georgia and North Florida Not Necessary
  167. NOAA: Another Spring of Major Flooding Likely in North Central U.S.
  168. Federal Natural Resource Trustees Announce Next Step in BP Deepwater Horizon Spill Gu
  169. Climate Projections Show Human Health Impacts Possible Within 30 Years
  170. NOAA Begins National Survey of the Economic Contributions of Saltwater Angling
  171. 'Reefs at Risk: Global Threats Require Global Action' (Opening Keynote Address)
  172. Inspector General's Review of Stolen Emails Confirms No Evidence of Wrong-Doing by NO
  173. NOAA Proposes Measures to Increase Groundfish and Scallop Fishing Opportunities
  174. Scientists Using Erie Tower to Study Not-So-Dormant Wintertime Air Chemistry
  175. NOAA Hot on Methane’s Trail: Scientists 'Sniff' Around Frozen Ground
  176. 75 Percent of Coral Reefs Under Threat: New Analysis Released by the World Resources
  177. Warm Arctic, Cold Continents: Changes in the Arctic Are Hitting Closer to Home
  178. Hurricane Forecasters Bring Preparedness Message to Mexico and Caribbean
  179. New Website Tracks Coastal, Ocean Investments and Successes by State
  180. NOAA: U.S. Temperature and Precipitation Near-Normal in February
  181. NOAA: U.S. 'Turning a Corner' in Ending Overfishing
  182. Natural Variability Main Culprit of Deadly Russian Heat Wave That Killed Thousands
  183. Halibut Stock Decline Forces Increased Management Measures for Southeast Alaska Chart
  184. Scientists Use Airborne Chemistry Measurements for the First Time to Assess Flow Rate
  185. FEMA, NOAA and Partners Encourage U.S. Residents to Prepare for Springtime Flooding
  186. NOAA's Fisheries Service Raises Butterfish Catch to Help Prevent Premature Closure of
  187. February Ranked 17th Warmest on Record
  188. Two Tropical Cyclone Names Retired from List of Atlantic Storms
  189. NOAA Administrator Unveils Arctic Plan During Aspen Speech
  190. Commerce Secretary Announces Additional Reforms to Overhaul NOAA's Law Enforcement Sy
  191. NOAA Announces Recovery of Spiny Dogfish Stock
  192. Spring Flooding Underway, Expected to Worsen through April
  193. First-Ever Simultaneous GPS Survey in 50 States Will Benefit Nation's Mapping Capabil
  194. Those Living along U.S. Coastline Should Always be Prepared for Tsunamis
  195. NOAA, FDA continue to re-test Gulf seafood and post results
  196. U.S. Commerce Department to deploy economic assessment teams to six northeast fishing
  197. New fishing hooks protect bluefin tuna in Gulf of Mexico but allow catch of yellowfin
  198. NOAA announces new members of the Hydrographic Services Review Panel
  199. Department of Commerce appoints and convenes first Climate Assessment Advisory Commit
  200. Students nationwide virtually participate in Hawaii Undersea Research Laboratory's 1,
  201. Towards a sustainable future: reasons for urgency and hope
  202. NOAA: U.S. had above normal temperatures and precipitation in March
  203. NOAA finds petition to list Chinook salmon in Upper Klamath and Trinity rivers basin
  204. NOAA issues regulations governing Navy's activities in the Keyport range
  205. Earth had 13th warmest March on record
  206. Former commercial fisherman named compliance assistance liaison to continue outreach
  207. Potential tornado threat Thursday and Friday
  208. NOAA issues new rules to safeguard Puget Sound’s Killer Whales
  209. NOAA administrator lauds New York science students
  210. NOAA awards contract to manage Fairbanks Satellite Operations Facility
  211. Florida wetlands restoration creates habitat and supports local jobs
  212. NOAA joins international effort to track black carbon in the Arctic
  213. New England fishing season to open with higher catch limits and more access for small
  214. Commerce Department appoints marine fisheries advisors to national committee
  215. National Weather Service seismic and tsunami expert to head Seismological Society of
  216. NOAA Fisheries Service to update guidelines to promote safety in fisheries regulation
  217. NOAA hurricane team to embark on East Coast awareness tour
  218. NOAA celebrates Recovery Act project restoring salt marsh and fish passage on Cape Co
  219. In the wake of a wind turbine
  220. Statement on management and science reports from Eric Schwaab, assistant NOAA adminis
  221. NOAA proposes measures to raise catch limits for Atlantic sea scallop fishery and pro
  222. NOAA-supported ocean explorations: A foundation for education and for understanding o
  223. NOAA releases aerial imagery of Tuscaloosa, Ala. tornado damage
  224. Kathryn D. Sullivan appointed as assistant secretary of commerce for environmental ob
  225. Weather, climate extremes punctuate warm, very wet April in U.S.
  226. Plato, Mo. celebrates recognition as the 2010 Census U.S. center of population
  227. Cmdr. Lawrence Krepp assumes command of Norfolk-based NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson
  228. U.S. and China agree to increase cooperation in greenhouse gas observing and fisherie
  229. NOAA administrator names governing panel for national climate assessment advisory com
  230. NOAA, USACE, and USGS partner to support water resources management
  231. Northeast groundfish vessel overall revenues up under new fishing rules
  232. Rainwatch keeps eye on rainfall for West African farmers
  233. Wash. and Ore. authorized to remove salmon-eating Calif. sea lions
  234. NOAA, African/Indian Ocean states partner on Indian Ocean observations for social, ec
  235. Dr. Elizabeth Jewett selected to lead NOAA's Ocean Acidification Program
  236. Smoke-related chemical discovered in the atmosphere could have health implications
  237. April was seventh warmest on record
  238. NOAA proposes special designation for reintroduced steelhead salmon in Oregon's Desch
  239. NOAA Administrator welcomes new climate science report
  240. NOAA and partners explore the hidden world of the maritime Maya
  241. NOAA predicts below normal Eastern Pacific hurricane season
  242. NOAA expects a below normal Central Pacific hurricane season
  243. BOEMRE and NOAA to Increase Coordination, Collaboration on Offshore Energy Developmen
  244. NOAA Fisheries encourages fishermen to release shortfin mako sharks alive
  245. NOAA issues emergency action to prevent opening of scallop area to protect resource
  246. Endangered species listing for Atlantic bluefin tuna not warranted
  247. NOAA commemorates the 100th birthday of RMS Titanic
  248. Commerce announces 2011 regional fishery council appointments
  249. National Ocean Council and NOAA celebrate National Ocean Month
  250. NOAA, partners to search for ships lost in World War II off North Carolina