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  1. NOAA and Partners to Survey Ships Sunk off North Carolina in World War II
  2. NOAA Lowers Hurricane Season Outlook, Cautions Public Not to Let Down Guard
  3. NOAA: July Temperature Below-Average for the U.S.
  4. Joint Federal and State Investigation Stops Illegal Fishing in Channel Islands Sanctu
  5. NOAA Joins Other U.S. Agencies and Canada to Survey the Arctic Continental Shelf
  6. Study: Better Observations, Analyses Detecting Short-Lived Tropical Systems
  7. ‘Hydropalooza’ Provides Deeper Understanding of Alaska’s Kachemak Bay
  8. NOAA and Oregon State University Map Oregon’s Seafloor
  9. NOAA Report Finds Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary Among the Healthiest
  10. NOAA: Warmest Global Ocean Surface Temperatures on Record for July
  11. Secretary of Commerce Announces $40 Million in Recovery Act Projects to Support Effic
  12. Joint Federal and State Investigation Stops Illegal Fishing in Channel Islands Sanctu
  13. NOAA, Coast Guard Hunt for Alaska Methane, Carbon Dioxide Sources
  14. NOAA Scientists Map Fish Habitat and Movements at Gray’s Reef Marine Sanctuary
  15. NOAA Announces New Tilefish Catch Share Program in Northeast
  16. NOAA, Japan Establish Navigation Satellite Ground Station in Guam
  17. NOAA Study Shows Nitrous Oxide Now Top Ozone-Depleting Emission
  18. NOAA Report Explains Sea Level Anomaly this Summer along the U.S. Atlantic Coast
  19. NOAA Announces New Catch Share Program in Gulf of Mexico
  20. Improving Engagement with the Recreational Fishing Community
  21. Students Selected for 2009 NOAA Scholarships Honoring Dr. Nancy Foster
  22. NOAA to Pursue National Policy for Sustainable Marine Aquaculture
  23. NOAA’s Fisheries Service Cracks Down on Charter Boat Companies Operating Illegally
  24. NOAA-USDA Research Finds Fish-Killing Toxin Holds Promising Cancer Applications
  25. NOAA’s Powerful New Supercomputers Boost U.S. Weather Forecasts
  26. Guide Offers Smart Growth Help for Coastal and Waterfront Planners & Developers
  27. NOAA Locates U.S. Navy Ship Sunk in World War II Battle
  28. Climate Effects of Atmospheric Haze a Little Less... Hazy
  29. Students Selected for NOAA Class of 2009 Graduate Sciences Program
  30. Oceanographer to Lead NOAA Great Lakes Laboratory
  31. NOAA, Partners Launch Effort for Tour Operators to Protect Whales
  32. NOAA: Summer Temperature Below Average for U.S.
  33. NOAA Strengthens 2008 Columbia River Salmon Protection Strategy
  34. New Project to Forecast Toxic Algal Blooms on Pacific Northwest Beaches
  35. New Research Aims to Unravel How Nutrients Drive Toxic ‘Brown Tides’ on the East Coas
  36. NOAA: Warmest Global Sea-Surface Temperatures for August and Summer
  37. NOAA Announces an Experimental Harmful Algal Bloom Forecast Bulletin for Lake Erie
  38. NOAA Administrator Comments on Release of Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force Interim
  39. Obama Administration Officials Release Interagency Ocean Policy Task Force Interim Re
  40. NOAA Scientists Catch Rare Giant Squid
  41. NOAA and Partners Complete Restoration Project in Hempstead Harbor
  42. World’s Largest Marine Protected Areas Sign Partnership Agreement
  43. NOAA Awards Contract for Gulf of Mexico Disaster Response Center
  44. NOAA Announces $13.1 Million Contract to Vigor Marine to Repair Survey Ship
  45. NOAA and Partners Gather at Hunt’s Mill Dam to Celebrate $3 Million Rhode Island Rive
  46. Unusual Arctic Warmth, Tropical Wetness Likely Cause for Methane Increase
  47. NOAA to Close Recreational Fishery for Black Sea Bass for Six Months Due to Overharve
  48. NOAA’s Fisheries Service Issues Recovery Plan for Mid-Columbia Steelhead
  49. New Research to Improve Management of Toxic Red Tides in the Gulf of Maine
  50. NOAA Awards Funds to Improve Toxic Algal Bloom Predictions in the Western Gulf of Mex
  51. NOAA Reports Health of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary
  52. NOAA Gives Great White Sharks More Protection in Gulf of the Farallones Sanctuary
  53. NOAA Announces $9 Million in Ocean Education Grants to National Aquariums
  54. NOAA: September Temperature Above-Average for the U.S.
  55. NOAA Scientists Study Historic ‘Dust Bowl’ and Plains Droughts for Triggers
  56. Statement from Dr. Jane Lubchenco, Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosph
  57. NOAA Will Not List Two Spotted Seal Populations as Endangered or Threatened
  58. NOAA: Global Surface Temperature Was Second Warmest for September
  59. New NOAA System Improves Safety and Efficiency of Ships on the Lower Mississippi Rive
  60. NOAA Seeks Comments on Proposed Authorization for Navy Sonar Operations off the Coast
  61. Indiana School Welcomes Home NOAA ‘Teacher at Sea’ from Arctic Voyage
  62. Changing Arctic Affecting Air, Ocean, and Everything in Between
  63. NOAA and FDA to Combine Resources on Seafood Inspection
  64. NOAA and Partners Announce South Atlantic Alliance
  65. NOAA Awards $2.4 Million to Refine Management Strategies for the Northern Gulf of Mex
  66. NOAA and Smithsonian Project to Improve Chesapeake and Delaware Bays’ Nearshore Habit
  67. NOAA, The Nature Conservancy Address Coral Reef Threats
  68. NOAA Scientists Fly to the Ends of the Earth to Measure Greenhouse Gases
  69. NOAA Commissions New Fisheries Survey Ship and Dedicates New Fisheries Service Buildi
  70. Dr. Susan Solomon Wins Prestigious Award
  71. United States Pushes for Strong Measures to Protect Bluefin Tuna
  72. NOAA: U.S. Posts Third Coolest-Highest Precipitation for October on Record
  73. NOAA Deploys New ‘Smart Buoy’ off Annapolis
  74. Washington State Toxic Algae Threatens Razor Clam Harvesting and Coastal Economy
  75. New Study Uncovers Key Role of Bacteria in the Formation of ‘Red Tide’ Algal Blooms
  76. NOAA Issues Statement on ICCAT Annual Meeting
  77. NOAA Releases Expanded World Ocean Database
  78. Washington State Toxic Algae Threatens Razor Clam Harvesting and Coastal Economy
  79. New Study Uncovers Key Role of Bacteria in the Formation of ‘Red Tide’ Algal Blooms
  80. NOAA Issues Statement on ICCAT Annual Meeting
  81. NOAA: Combined Global Surface Temperature Was Sixth Warmest for October
  82. When it Comes to CO2, What Goes Up Isn’t Always Coming Down
  83. Significant Ozone Hole Remains Over Antarctica
  84. NOAA Installs System to Improve Safety and Efficiency of Ships along the Cherry Point
  85. Statement by Dr. Lubchenco on the Federal Columbia River Power System Biological Opin
  86. NOAA Proposes Critical Habitat for Cook Inlet Beluga Whales
  87. NOAA Deactivates GOES-10 after 12 Years of Tracking Storms
  88. NOAA Announces Temporary Fishing Rule to Protect South Atlantic Red Snapper
  89. NOAA: El Niño to Help Steer U.S. Winter Weather
  90. North American 2008 Cooling Attributed to Natural Causes
  91. Glider Completes Historic Ocean Crossing: New Technology Advances Climate Understandi
  92. Dr. Lubchenco Responds to Questions About Stolen Climate Emails
  93. NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco and Senior NOAA Climate Scientists Contribute to CO
  94. NOAA: 2009 Global Temperatures Well Above Average; Slightly Above-Average for U.S.
  95. NOAA Approves Western and Central Pacific Bigeye Tuna Catch Limit
  96. NOAA Reminds you to Give the Gift of Safety this Holiday Season
  97. NOAA Amendment Removes Swordfishing Restrictions After Study Finds Most Sea Turtle In
  98. NOAA Encourages Use of Catch Shares to End Overfishing, Rebuild Fisheries and Fishing
  99. Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Recovering
  100. Winter, Nighttime Tornadoes Pose Greatest Risk, National Weather Service Warns
  101. NOAA Assesses Post-Tsunami Marine Debris in American Samoa
  102. Tom Karl, Director of NOAA's National Climatic Data Center Answers Questions About Cl
  103. Highway Barriers Stifle Sound, Sight, and Soot
  104. NOAA Announces Proposed Northeast Groundfish Management Measures
  105. Dec. 26, 2009 Marks Five Years Since Sumatra Indonesia Tsunami Killed 230,000
  106. Scientists Discover and Image Explosive Deep-Ocean Volcano
  107. Nation’s Ocean Observing System Completes Year-Long Data Standardization
  108. National Saltwater Angler Registry Opens on New Year’s Day
  109. NOAA Proposes Critical Habitat Revisions for Leatherback Sea Turtles
  110. NOAA’s National Hurricane Center to Provide Greater Lead Time in Watches and Warnings
  111. NOAA Considers Listing Atlantic Sturgeon as Endangered or Threatened
  112. NOAA Ranks December Snowstorm a Category 3 on the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale
  113. NOAA Director and UCSB Chancellor Break Ground on New Ocean Science Education Buildin
  114. NOAA and California Officials Agree to Remove Large Concrete Dam to Eliminate Safety
  115. NOAA Proposes Rule to Deny Port Entry to Illegal Fishing Vessels
  116. NOAA Dispatches High-Tech Research Plane to Improve Winter Storm Forecasts
  117. NOAA: U.S. December Wetter and Colder than Average
  118. Nation’s First Marine Debris Action Plan Implemented in Hawaii
  119. NOAA Celebrates Wetlands Restoration in San Francisco Bay
  120. NOAA Satellites Help Rescue 195 People in 2009
  121. Tsunamis May Telegraph Their Presence
  122. NOAA Scientist Finds Clue to Predicting Solar Flares
  123. Study Links Springtime Ozone Increases Above Western North America to Emissions
  124. NOAA: December Global Ocean Temperature Second Warmest on Record
  125. NOAA Takes Steps to Improve Fisheries Law Enforcement
  126. NOAA Gives Navy Marine Mammal Protection Measures for Exercises off the Gulf Coast
  127. NOAA Administrator and Regional Partners Break Ground on Gulf of Mexico Disaster Resp
  128. Picture This: NOAA, Google Join Forces to Visualize Scientific Data
  129. Emissions of Potent Greenhouse Gas Increase Despite Reduction Efforts
  130. NOAA Award to Support Community Efforts to Protect Pacific Coral Reefs
  131. NOAA and Fishermen Cooperate on Research into Monkfish Migration
  132. Stratospheric Water Vapor is a Global Warming Wild Card
  133. NOAA Responds to GAO Decision on Marine Operations Center-Pacific Lease
  134. NOAA Takes Delivery of New Fisheries Survey Vessel
  135. Commerce Department Proposes Establishment of NOAA Climate Service
  136. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco Unveil Landmark C
  137. Wreck of Airship USS Macon Added to National Register of Historic Places
  138. NOAA to Review Status of 82 Species of Coral
  139. NOAA National Weather Service to Use New Hurricane Wind Scale
  140. Statement by Dr. Lubchenco, NOAA administrator, on Voluntary Remand of Hydropower Bio
  141. Monica Medina Appointed U.S. Commissioner to International Whaling Commission
  142. Researchers Issue Outlook for a Significant New England "Red Tide"; in 2010
  143. NOAA Provides $10 Million to Support New England Groundfish Fishery
  144. Newest NOAA Geostationary Satellite Reaches Orbit
  145. Hurricane Forecasters Bring Preparedness Message to Atlantic, Mexico and Caribbean
  146. NOAA: U.S. Winter and February Cooler Than Average
  147. FEMA and NOAA Renew Partnership to Encourage Flood Safety
  148. NOAA: Sixth Warmest February in Combined Global Surface Temperature, Fifth Warmest De
  149. NOAA Lists Pacific Smelt as "Threatened”
  150. NOAA Takes Steps to Assure Fair and Effective Enforcement, Protect Resources
  151. NOAA Announces First Tsunami Awareness Week, March 21-27
  152. Statement from Eric Schwaab, NOAA Assistant Administrator for Fisheries - Announcing
  153. NOAA Launches Interactive Marine Protected Areas Mapping Tool
  154. Norfolk, Va.-based NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson to Map Ocean Floor in Gulf of Mexico
  155. NOAA: U.S. Averaged Warmer-than-Normal, Drier-than-Normal in March
  156. NOAA: Global Temps Push Last Month to Hottest March on Record
  157. NOAA’s New “Hurricane Eye in the Sky” and Key Weather Satellite Gets into Position
  158. NOAA Hurricane Team to Embark on Gulf Coast Awareness Tour
  159. NOAA Sponsors New Alliance to Promote Navigation Safety
  160. “Vital New Roadmap” Underscores Need to Study Climate Change, Human Health Links
  161. U.S. Commissioner Medina’s Statement on International Whaling Commission Proposal
  162. New Weather Satellite Captures its First Thermal Images of Earth
  163. NOAA Requests Comment on Fish Imports and Marine Mammals
  164. NOAA Closes Commercial and Recreational Fishing in Oil-Affected Portion of Gulf of Me
  165. 2010 Field Season begins at NOAA’s Aquarius
  166. NOAA: Above-Normal Temperatures and Below-Normal Precipitation in April
  167. NOAA Report: Swordfish, Three Other Stocks Fully Rebuilt; None Added to Overfishing L
  168. NOAA Dispatches Northeast Science Chief to Lead Rapid-Response Contamination Testing
  169. NOAA: Warmest April Global Temperature on Record
  170. Ocean Stored Significant Warming Over Last 16 Years
  171. NOAA Seeks Public Comments on its Draft Arctic Vision and Strategy
  172. New NOAA Ocean Observing System Improves Safety and Efficiency of Ships at the Sabine
  173. NOAA Baseline Sampling of Sediment, Shellfish and Water Sets Stage for BP Oil Spill D
  174. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Announces Fishery Failure Determination in Gulf of Mexi
  175. NOAA’s GOES-12 Satellite Begins Coverage of South America
  176. Tom Karl Named Chair of the Subcommittee on Global Change Research
  177. NOAA, Navy Partner to Monitor Ocean Conditions Near Spill Area
  178. NOAA Predicts Below Normal Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season
  179. NOAA Expects Busy Atlantic Hurricane Season
  180. NOAA Research Ship Gordon Gunter Expands Gulf Mission
  181. Richard Edwing Named Director of NOAA’s Center for Operational Oceanographic Products
  182. NOAA Assists With Multi-Agency Effort to Decontaminate Ships Passing through Oil Spil
  183. NOAA Expands Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico
  184. NOAA Opens 339 Square-Mile Fishing Area in Gulf of Mexico
  185. NOAA Weatherbird II Analysis
  186. NOAA and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Announce Five Grants to Benefit Nation
  187. NOAA Completes Initial Analysis of Weatherbird II Water Samples
  188. NOAA Selects University of Washington to Lead Joint Institute to Study Atmosphere, Oc
  189. NOAA Announces Funding to Support Ocean and Coastal Observation Technologies
  190. NOAA Protects U.S. Waters From Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
  191. Federal Agencies Introduce Online Mapping Tool to Track Gulf Response
  192. NOAA: May Global Temperature is Warmest on Record
  193. Update on NOAA’s Oil Spill Research Missions
  194. NOAA Expands Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico
  195. NOAA Conducts Tests to Determine Fate of Whale Found Dead in Gulf of Mexico
  196. NOAA Releases New Management Plan for Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
  197. NOAA Urges, “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!”
  198. Initial Observations from the NOAA Ship Thomas Jefferson
  199. NOAA Expands Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico
  200. New NOAA Website Highlights Economic and Ecological Value of America’s Coast
  201. Study Shows Big Economic Benefits of NOAA PORTS® Ocean Observing System in Portland,
  202. Missouri Teacher Sails in Gulf of Mexico Aboard NOAA Ship Pisces
  203. Alabama Teacher Sails in Gulf of Mexico Aboard NOAA Ship Pisces
  204. Mississippi Teacher Sails In Gulf of Mexico Aboard NOAA Ship Oregon II
  205. Administration’s Joint Analysis Group Releases First Scientific Report on Subsea Moni
  206. Commerce Department Announces 2010 Regional Fishery Council Appointments
  207. NOAA Opens More Than 8,000 Square Miles of Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico
  208. NOAA Ship Delaware II to Collect Tunas, Swordfish, Water Samples on Deepwater Horizon
  209. NOAA-Supported Scientists Predict “Larger Than Average” Gulf Dead Zone
  210. NOAA Expands Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico
  211. NOAA, FDA, and Gulf Coast State Officials Affirm Commitment to Ensuring Safety of Gul
  212. NOAA Sends Two Ships to Study Loop Current and Coastal Florida Waters
  213. NOAA, IOOS® Partners Employing Underwater Gliders and Surface Radar to Assist In Gulf
  214. NOAA and University Scientists Launch Research Cruise to Determine Effects of Oil Spi
  215. NOAA Seeks Final Comments on Next Generation Strategic Plan
  216. NOAA Models Long-Term Oil Threat to Gulf and East Coast Shoreline
  217. CLARIFICATION on the Current Threat to Florida Peninsula and Florida Keys from Deepwa
  218. NOAA Expands Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico
  219. NOAA Selects the University of Wisconsin as its Cooperative Institute for Satellite M
  220. Teacher (Michele Brustolon) Selected to Sail Aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson
  221. Teacher (Rebecca Kimport) Selected to Sail Aboard NOAA Ship Oscar Dyson
  222. Indonesia and U.S. Launch Deep-Sea Expedition
  223. $5M Settlement Boosts Marine Conservation Plans in the Pacific
  224. NOAA Launches Online Game to Encourage Loggerhead Turtle Conservation
  225. Statement of Dr. Jane Lubchenco on Inspector General’s Report on the Asset Forfeiture
  226. Protecting Wild Dolphins During the Gulf Oil Spill
  227. NOAA: U.S. Had Eighth Warmest June on Record, Above-Normal Precipitation
  228. Scientists Find Rising Carbon Dioxide and Acidified Waters in Puget Sound
  229. NOAA, U.S., Brazilian Partners Send Ship to Study Corals, Water Column for Gulf Oil S
  230. NOAA Ship Explores Undersea Volcano More Than 10,000-ft. High, Maps Indonesian Ocean
  231. NOAA: No Status Review Needed for Porbeagle Shark
  232. NOAA Sanctuary Exploration Center Breaks Ground in Santa Cruz
  233. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Announces Harvest Limit Increases for Northeast Fisherm
  234. NOAA Expands Fishing Closed Area in Gulf of Mexico
  235. NOAA: June, April to June, and Year-to-Date Global Temperatures are Warmest on Record
  236. NOAA, University of California San Diego Partner to Study Climate, Marine Ecosystems
  237. NOAA Predicts Drought Conditions in Southwest U.S. to Worsen
  238. NOAA Selects Harris Corporation to Develop GOES-R Ground Segment Antenna System
  239. Commerce Department Appoints Members to Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Commi
  240. NOAA: June, April to June, and Year-to-Date Global Temperatures are Warmest on Record
  241. NOAA Ship Fairweather Maps Aid Shipping Through Bering Straits
  242. NOAA Releases Data Report on Air Quality Measurements Near the Deepwater Horizon/BP O
  243. Students Selected for 2010 NOAA Scholarships Honoring Dr. Nancy Foster
  244. NOAA and Coast Guard Actively Enforcing Gulf of Mexico Closed Fishing Area
  245. NOAA to Re-open One-Third of Closed Gulf Fishing Area
  246. Second Federal Analysis Gives Further Clues about Location and Movement of Subsurface
  247. Update on NOAA’s Oil Spill Research and Response Missions
  248. NOAA: Past Decade Warmest on Record According to Scientists in 48 Countries
  249. NOAA Initiates Additional Actions to Improve Control of Asset Forfeiture Fund
  250. NOAA: Gulf’s Surface Oil Not a Threat to Southern Florida, Keys and East Coast