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  1. Federal Agencies Map Plans to Address Marine Debris
  2. NOAA Administrator Announces Resignation
  3. Commerce Secretary Determines Blue Crab Disaster in Chesapeake Bay
  4. The Ocean Comes to the Mall
  5. NOAA Tracking Tropical Storm Kyle in the western Atlantic
  6. NOAA and Nauticus Deploy "Smart Buoy” In the Elizabeth River near Norfolk, Va.
  7. NOAA and Nauticus Deploy "Smart Buoy” In the Elizabeth River near Norfolk, Va.
  8. NOAA's Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Seeks Applicants for Advisory Council P
  9. NOAA and VT Halter Marine Launch Fourth Fisheries Survey Vessel
  10. Report to Congress Forecasts Shortage of Marine Scientists
  11. Award-Winning Technology Improves Air-Drop Targeting
  12. NOAA Tracking Subtropical Storm Laura in the Atlantic
  13. NOAA: Cook Inlet Beluga Population Holds Steady from 2007
  14. Federal Partners Announces Series of Open Houses on Potential Marine Conservation Are
  15. Nenana, Alaska, Receives NOAA’s 1,000th Weather Radio All-Hazards Transmitter
  16. Marco, this season's 13th tropical storm, to move into western Mexico on Tuesday.
  17. NOAA Awards $3.8 Million to Louisiana, Oklahoma Universities for Climate, Drought Ass
  18. Commerce Secretary Gutierrez Announces $900,000 in Education Grants to Pacific Northw
  19. Commerce Secretary Gutierrez Announces $1.1 Million in Education Grants to New Englan
  20. Commerce Secretary Gutierrez Announces $1.3 Million in Education Grants to the Gulf o
  21. NOAA Expands International Reference Network Adding 43 GPS Stations
  22. NOAA Seeks Comments on Measures to Protect Marine Mammals as Navy Conducts Sonar Oper
  23. NOAA Seeks Comments on Measures to Protect Marine Mammals
  24. NOAA Brings Conservation Internship Program to the Coasts
  25. NOAA Ocean Temperature Forecast Helps Recreational Tuna Fishers Find Catch, Conserve
  26. Aquarius Mission First to Study Ocean Acidification From the Surface to the Seafloor
  27. NOAA: Above Average Precipitation in U.S. for September; South Much Cooler than Avera
  28. NOAA Coral Bleaching Monitoring Network Now Global
  29. Annual Arctic Report Card Shows Stronger Effects of Warming
  30. NOAA Lists Cook Inlet Beluga Whales as Endangered
  31. NOAA Completes White Abalone Recovery Plan
  32. NOAA and NSF Commission National Study of Ocean Acidification
  33. Veteran Meteorologist Becomes Leader at NOAA’s National Weather Service Office in Mil
  34. NOAA Announces 15-Year Plan to Upgrade its Fleet of Research Ships
  35. NOAA to Monitor, Not Move, Shrewsbury/Navesink Dolphins
  36. NOAA Issues Stronger Protections for Elkhorn and Staghorn Corals in Southeast United
  37. Dick Clothier Honored for Contributions to National Weather Service Volunteer Observe
  38. NOAA Seeks Applicants for the Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship
  39. 2008 Sees Fifth Largest Ozone Hole
  40. Hurricane Paloma Continues to Strengthen
  41. NOAA: Near Average Temperature and Precipitation in U.S. for October; West North Cent
  42. NOAA Names New Head of Princeton Laboratory
  43. NOAA Advises Mariners to Watch for Migrating Right Whales
  44. NOAA Lab to Improve License Compliance
  45. Scientific Assessment Presents Status, Expectations for Ozone Layer
  46. NOAA Report Shows Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary in Good Condition but
  47. Commerce Secretary Determines Red Tide Disaster in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hamp
  48. Commerce Secretary Determines Sockeye Salmon Disaster Affecting Puget Sound Fishermen
  49. United States, Canada Begin New Climate Data-Sharing Agreement
  50. NOAA Charges Charter Operators with Illegal Fishing for Striped Bass
  51. Scientific Assessment Finds Expanding Use of Climate Forecasts Could Mean Better Wate
  52. NOAA Announces Up to $2 Million for Sockeye Salmon Disaster Affecting Puget Sound Fis
  53. NOAA Announces Up to $5 Million for Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire for Red T
  54. NOAA Announces Up to $20 Million for Blue Crab Disaster in Chesapeake Bay
  55. NOAA Announces Up to $47 Million for Hurricane Damage to Fisheries in Louisiana and T
  56. NOAA Biological Opinion on Pesticides Recommends Buffers to Protect Salmon
  57. Commerce and Interior Departments Announce Launch of National System of Marine Protec
  58. NOAA Releases Plans for Managing and Protecting Cordell Bank, Gulf of the Farallones
  59. NOAA Fisheries Research Ship Albatross IV is Retired
  60. NOAA Finds Decline in Pollock; Recommends Catch Cut to Council
  61. NOAA’s Monitor National Marine Sanctuary to Hold Meetings Seeking Public Input on Man
  62. New Study Details Ocean Acidification in the Caribbean
  63. NOAA Scientist to Receive Grande Medaille from French Academy
  64. NOAA’s Fisheries Service Releases an Additional $70 Million in Disaster Aid to West C
  65. Seattle Group to Pay Nearly $450,000 Settlement for Alaska Fisheries Violations
  66. NOAA, NASA Select Contractor to Build GOES-R Series Spacecraft
  67. NOAA Satellite Conference Helps Users Prepare for Future
  68. Nenana, Alaska, Receives Nation’s 1,000th NOAA Weather Radio Transmitter
  69. NOAA Charges Florida Dive Charter Businesses for Fishing Without Federal Permits
  70. NOAA’s Simulation Tool Prepares Oregon Coastal Towns for Tsunamis and Floods
  71. NOAA Recognizes San Francisco as TsunamiReady™
  72. NOAA Declares Nation’s First StormReady® Supporter High School
  73. Humans, Oceans Shaped North American Climate over Past 50 Years
  74. NOAA: Jason-2 Satellite Data Now Available to Scientists
  75. Department of Commerce Rules on Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency Consi
  76. NOAA Proposes Rule to Reduce Charter Halibut Catch
  77. NOAA Determines Ribbon Seals Should Not be Listed as Endangered
  78. Monument Agencies Release Papah?naumoku?kea Management Plan
  79. NOAA and Partners Attempt Disentanglement of Right Whale off Florida
  80. NOAA Names First Woman to Direct National Geodetic Survey
  81. NOAA and Partners Share Plan to Restore Delaware River from 2004 Oil Spill
  82. New Economic Report Finds Commercial and Recreational Fishing Generated More Than Two
  83. Coastal Land Preserved on 15th Anniversary of Major Oil Spill off Puerto Rico
  84. NOAA, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Award $2.2 Million for Coral Reef Conserv
  85. New NOAA Great Lakes Laboratory Opens, New Acting Director Named
  86. NOAA Twin Otter Aircraft to Support West Coast Ocean Research, Management
  87. NOAA Gives Navy Marine Mammal Protection Measures for Sonar Training off Hawaii
  88. Saltwater Recreational Fishermen Boon for Economy, Says NOAA
  89. NOAA Declares Buffalo Bills as First StormReady® Supporter Team in NFL
  90. NOAA Will Work With Six Identified Nations to Address Illegal, Unreported, and Unregu
  91. NOAA Establishes Eight Marine Protected Areas to Provide Safe Havens for Deep-Water F
  92. NOAA Grants Endangered Species Status to Black Abalone
  93. NOAA Proposes Interim Northeast Groundfish Rules
  94. NOAA Reports Northern Fur Seal Pup Estimate Decline
  95. NOAA Issues Final Guidance on Annual Catch Limits to End Overfishing
  96. NOAA Proposes Guidelines for Fishery Disaster Determinations
  97. Agencies Issue Revised Recovery Plan for the Northwest Atlantic Loggerhead Sea Turtle
  98. Scientific Assessment Presents Best Practices for Characterizing, Communicating and I
  99. NOAA Releases Plans for Managing and Protecting Channel Islands National Marine Sanct
  100. First Wintertime Observations Find Ozone Soaring near Natural Gas Field
  101. NOAA Prepares to Launch New Polar-Orbiting Satellite for Climate & Weather
  102. NOAA Gives Navy Marine Mammal Protection Measures for Sonar Training off the Atlantic
  103. Federal Agencies and Industry Work Together to Restore New Jersey’s Passaic River
  104. Scientists Discover 'Hot Spot' for Toxic Harmful Algal Blooms Off Washington Coast
  105. NOAA Team to Train Fishery Observers in Senegal
  106. NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown Returns to Charleston After Four Months in Eastern Pacific
  107. Explore NOAA during NOAA Heritage Week: Feb. 6-14 in Silver Spring, Md.
  108. NOAA Simulation Model Helps Prepare Santa Barbara for Tsunamis and Coastal Floods
  109. NOAA Says Prepare for Major Spring Flooding on Red River
  110. No Evidence of Tampering in Last Year’s Sea Lion Deaths at Bonneville
  111. NOAA: Fetal Exposure to Two Toxins Can Increase Epileptic Seizures and Their Severity
  112. NOAA Offers New Online Media Library Featuring Ocean-Related Photos and Videos
  113. NOAA National Weather Service Fire Weather Experts Assisting in Australia
  114. Crews Work to Free Another Right Whale From Entangling Ropes
  115. New Item
  116. Antibiotic Resistance: A Rising Concern In Marine Ecosystems
  117. New Report Shows Loss of Coastal Wetlands in Eastern U.S.
  118. NOAA: Seventh Warmest January for Global Temperatures
  119. Lake Michigan Fish Populations Threatened by Decline of Tiny Creature
  120. NOAA Corps Commander John T. Caskey Takes Command of the NOAA Oceanographic Research
  121. Maritime Shipping Makes Hefty Contribution to Harmful Air Pollution
  122. NOAA Releases Draft Management Plan for Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary for Pub
  123. NOAA Encourages Bay Area Boaters to Watch Out for Whales
  124. NOAA Stellwagen Bank Sanctuary Shipwreck Joffre Listed on National Register of Histor
  125. South Carolina Becomes Fourth State to Earn NOAA StormReady® Designation
  126. NOAA’s Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Seeks Applicants for Advisory Council Seat
  127. NOAA and Partners Recognize Newest Business to Join Dolphin SMART Program
  128. New Deep-Sea Coral Discovered on NOAA-Supported Mission
  129. Inspector General Finds NOAA Provides Best Available Science for New England Groundfi
  130. NOAA Report Uncovers Why Some People Don’t Heed Severe Weather Warnings
  131. NOAA Holds Public Hearings on Proposed Rule to Identify and Certify Nations Whose Ves
  132. “Don’t Feed Wild Dolphins” Says New Public Service Announcement
  133. Atmospheric ‘Sunshade’ Could Reduce Solar Power Generation
  134. NOAA’s Fisheries Service Proposes Listing Pacific Smelt as Threatened Species
  135. NOAA Study: Contaminant Levels Near Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet Similar to Other Parts o
  136. NOAA: Ninth Warmest February for Globe
  137. Hurricane Forecasters Bring Preparedness Message to Bahamas, Mexico and Caribbean
  138. Atmospheric ‘Sunshade’ Could Reduce Solar Power Generation
  139. NOAA Launches Online Game that Encourages Students to Learn About Estuaries
  140. NOAA Recognizes Yakutat, Alaska, as TsunamiReady and StormReady
  141. New Guide Aims to Improve Public Climate Literacy
  142. NOAA’s Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council Seeks Participants for Yout
  143. NOAA Seeks Proposals That Will Restore Coastal Habitat, Create Jobs, Stimulate Econom
  144. NOAA - Emergency Managers to Test Atlantic/Gulf Tsunami Warning and Response
  145. NOAA Recognizes Jefferson County as TsunamiReady™*
  146. NOAA to Test Tsunami Warning Communications in Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino Coun
  147. Alaska Tsunami Warning System Test Scheduled
  148. NOAA Announces Revised Regulations for California National Marine Sanctuaries
  149. NOAA Ship Nancy Foster Returns to Puerto Rico to Conduct Coral and Fish Habitat Resea
  150. NOAA Report Shows Rich Diversity Across U.S. Fishing Communities
  151. Jane Lubchenco Confirmed as NOAA Administrator
  152. NOAA Reports Papah?naumoku?kea Marine National Monument Reef Ecosystems in Good Condi
  153. Ice-Free Arctic Summers Likely Sooner Than Expected
  154. NOAA Report Calls Flame Retardants Concern to U.S. Coastal Ecosystems
  155. NOAA Forecasters: Red River Will Crest Again in Fargo-Moorhead in Late April
  156. National Tornado Experiment to Begin in May
  157. Red River Will Crest Again in Fargo-Moorhead in Late April
  158. NOAA Submits Proposed Recovery Plan to Congress
  159. NOAA Commits $16 Million to Assist the Northeast Fishing Industry to Ease Transition
  160. NOAA Administrator Renews America’s Commitment to Science
  161. NOAA: March Temperature Near Average for the U.S.
  162. NOAA’s Fisheries Service Office for Law Enforcement Starts Re-accreditation Process
  163. NOAA Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary Celebrates Opening of
  164. Department of Commerce Upholds NY State Objection to Broadwater LNG Project
  165. NOAA Dedicates New Chesapeake Bay Research Vessel
  166. NOAA: March 2009 Tenth Warmest on Record for Global Temperatures
  167. Environmental Educator Selected to Sail Aboard NOAA Ship
  168. Greenhouse Gases Continue to Climb Despite Economic Slump
  169. National System for Marine Protected Areas Launched by U.S. Departments of Commerce a
  170. Groundbreaking Restoration Brings Innovative Approach to Chesapeake Bay
  171. NOAA’s Fisheries Service Proposes Federal Protection for Three Georgia Basin Rockfish
  172. Greenhouse Gases Continue to Climb Despite Economic Slump
  173. NOAA Brings Great Lakes to Google Ocean
  174. NOAA Hurricane Team Embarks on Atlantic Coast Awareness Tour
  175. Salazar and Locke Restore Scientific Consultations under the Endangered Species Act t
  176. NOAA Announces Emergency Rule to Protect ‘Threatened’ Sea Turtles
  177. NOAA’s "EstuaryLive" Webcast Takes Students on Virtual Field Trip
  178. Monitor National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council to Hold Public Meeting in North Ca
  179. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Extends 2008 Disaster Declaration Due to Poor Salmon Re
  180. Four Hurricane Names Retired From List of Storms
  181. New NOAA Online Handbook Helps Teachers and Community Groups Create an Oral History o
  182. Network of Research Buoys in Indian Ocean to Improve Monsoon Prediction
  183. NOAA, U.S. Coast Guard: New Ocean Current Data to Improve Search and Rescue Activitie
  184. NOAA, USFWS Study Finds Potential Disease Threats to Washington Sea Otters
  185. New NOAA System Improves Safety and Efficiency of Ships in Lake Charles
  186. NOAA, NASA Select Contractor to Build GOES-R Series Satellite
  187. NOAA: Mild Solar Storm Season Predicted
  188. NOAA: April Temperatures Slightly Cooler Than Average for U.S.
  189. NOAA Researchers: Blue Whales Re-estabishing Former Migration Patterns
  190. Washington State Fish Broker Fined, Sentenced to Jail in False Seafood Labeling Schem
  191. NOAA FY 2010 Budget
  192. Students Selected for 2009 NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Scholarships
  193. NOAA: Fifth Warmest April for Globe
  194. NOAA Report: Four Fish Stocks Declared Fully Rebuilt
  195. New Web Site, PSAs Promote Boating Safety and Weather Awareness
  196. World’s Large Marine Ecosystems Heating Up, Altering Fisheries Catches
  197. NOAA Expedition Hears Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales off Greenland
  198. NOAA Predicts Near to Below Normal Central Pacific Hurricane Season
  199. NOAA’s National Weather Service Declares Boston StormReady
  200. NOAA Seeks Public Comment on Proposal to Protect Threatened Green Sturgeon
  201. NOAA, National Association of Black Scuba Divers Explore Shared History
  202. New NOAA Report Offers In-depth Look at Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine Life, Ec
  203. Changes in Vessel Operations May Reduce Risk of Endangered Whale Shipstrikes
  204. NOAA Opens Public Comment on Potential Arctic Fishing Plan
  205. NOAA Announces New Cooperative Institute for Climate and Satellites
  206. NOAA Fisheries Issues Recovery Plan for Washington’s Lake Ozette Sockeye Salmon
  207. NOAA and Partners Seek Comment on Plan to Restore Lower Duwamish River
  208. NOAA Unmanned Aircraft Helping Scientists Learn About Alaskan Ice Seals
  209. NOAA Awards Grant to World Wildlife Fund To Support Innovative Ideas to Reduce Bycatc
  210. User Group Support for Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary Continues to Increase
  211. NOAA and National Park Service Urge Beach-Goers to Break the Grip of the Rip
  212. NOAA Takes Delivery of Pisces, New Fisheries Survey Vessel
  213. NOAA, Army Corps of Engineers to Build Alaska Satellite Operations Facility
  214. NOAA’s Fisheries Service Seeks Public Comments on New Ways to Govern U.S. Swordfish,
  215. NOAA Scientists, Students to Study Gulf Coast Meteorology
  216. NOAA’s National Weather Service Declares BYU-Idaho StormReady
  217. NOAA’s Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary to Host Youth Educational Summit
  218. Federal Agencies Protect More Gulf of Maine Atlantic Salmon to Recover Imperiled Stoc
  219. Grand Teton Recognized as First StormReady National Park
  220. New Report Provides Authoritative Assessment of National, Regional Impacts of Global
  221. NOAA’s National Weather Service says “When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors”
  222. Captain Michael S. Devany Takes Command of NOAA’s Atlantic Fleet of Scientific Resear
  223. NOAA Report Finds Threats to California’s Cordell Bank Marine Sanctuary
  224. NOAA Selects New Cooperative Institute to Study Climate and North Atlantic Ecosystems
  225. NOAA Forecast Predicts Large "Dead Zone" for Gulf of Mexico this Summer
  226. NOAA and Partners to Conduct Survey of Civil War Ironclad USS Monitor
  227. Susan Solomon Awarded Volvo Environmental Prize
  228. Beyond CO2: Study Reveals Growing Importance of HFCs in Climate Warming
  229. Secretary of Commerce Names 30 to Fishery Management Councils
  230. New NOAA Satellite Reaches Orbit
  231. NOAA Imposes Fine and Penalty for False Reporting in Alaska Fishery
  232. NOAA Reports Bay’s Crab Population Rebounds but Juvenile Numbers Remain Low
  233. NOAA and University of California Sign Ground Lease for New Fisheries Science Center
  234. NOAA: U.S. Temperature and Precipitation Near-Average for June
  235. NOAA and Partners Restore More Than 2,000 Acres of Wetlands in Texas
  236. Scientists Report First Remote, Underwater Detection of Harmful Algae, Toxins
  237. New Commander to Direct NOAA’s Aircraft Operations
  238. Extreme Weather Information Tip-sheet Available for Florida East Coast Residents
  239. NOAA Issues Request for Proposals for New Fisheries Survey Vessel
  240. NOAA to Study Ocean Currents near Former Munitions Disposal Sites in Hawaii
  241. NOAA Report: Saltwater Angling a Sign of Coastal Vitality
  242. Dutch Harbor-Unalaska, Alaska and New Bedford, Mass., Remain Top Fishing Ports
  243. NOAA Asks Mariners to Safeguard Pacific Data Buoys
  244. NOAA Report: Saltwater Angling a Sign of Coastal Vitality
  245. NOAA Awards Emergency Funding to Aid New England Red Tide Response
  246. NOAA Proposes Measures to Rebuild Blacknose and Other Shark Populations
  247. Smaller Than Expected, But Severe, Dead Zone in Gulf of Mexico
  248. NOAA Awards Nine NOAA Fisheries/Sea Grant Fellowships
  249. Fisheries Service Proposes New Rules to Safeguard Puget Sound’s Killer Whales
  250. NOAA Selects Newport, Ore., as New Home of Marine Operations Center-Pacific