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  1. What’s it all for?
  2. ZF Marine consolidates U.S. service operations
  3. Brokers come out for YachtWorld.com Florida seminars
  4. NMMA buys New England Boat Show
  5. Mercury set to receive $20 million loan
  6. NMMA sets Innovation Awards deadline
  7. Judge’s ruling paves way for Genmar auction
  8. Magazines hand out boating awards
  9. NMMA buys New England Boat Show
  10. Analyst sees a more stable Brunswick in 2010
  11. US Sailing mourns death of Roy Disney
  12. Sea Tow hands out awards at annual meeting
  13. Edey & Duff president dies at 62
  14. Fishing-ban protest set for Washington D.C.
  15. Dealers and Distributors
  16. Changing Places
  17. BoatU.S. names access award winners
  18. Winter boat show roundup
  19. Changing Places
  20. Plasdeck receives second patent
  21. Marinco parent company reports 1Q results
  22. Marine companies expand, move facilities
  23. NASA, R.I. marine company work together on life rafts
  24. Future of South Florida’s marine industry discussed
  25. Great Lakes levels returning to normal
  26. ABYC offers certification-course discounts
  27. Waterfront access symposium seeks submissions
  28. NASA, R.I. marine company collaborate on life rafts
  29. How trust determines who we do business with
  30. Florida’s oldest shipyard lays off its work force
  31. Raymarine in sales talks, but not with Garmin
  32. Marine technicians’ expo offers discounts
  33. Suit seeks to close locks, stop Asian carp
  34. Evinrude retail promotion is under way
  35. KVH receives FCC license
  36. Industry veteran Rocheleau dies after cancer battle
  37. Report sees future dip in Florida boating demand
  38. How NOT to motivate your employees
  39. MRAA supports working-waterfront bill
  40. SBA provisions extended to February
  41. Georgia marina permit includes tight restrictions
  42. Home Port Marine Marketing buys JWI agency
  43. Delta “T” partners with German company
  44. Caterpillar sales decline in November
  45. Changing Places
  46. Trade Only newsletter returns Monday
  47. Homeland Security boating funds outlined
  48. Coast Guard Foundation honors Lockheed Martin’s support
  49. Dealers and Distributors
  50. Critics decry boat tax in Maine
  51. Ranger, Evinrude unveil revamped Web site
  52. Column: How to entice the frugal customer
  53. Seattle boatyard closes shop
  54. FB Investments unhappy with Fountain disclosure statement
  55. Changing Places
  56. Texas, Florida boat sales show some stability
  57. Texas sportsman’s rally set for January
  58. MerCruiser offers bonuses to retain workers
  59. Boatbuilder set to hire back workers
  60. Winter boat show roundup
  61. Texas sportsmen’s rally set for January
  62. Downturn has yacht exporters seeking new markets
  63. Boaters, anglers protest new fees in Hawaii
  64. Florida manatee deaths hit a record high
  65. An interactive look at the Great Recession
  66. MRAA petitions for estate-tax relief
  67. Consumer confidence posts another increase
  68. Exceeding expectations one promise at a time
  69. Marina risk management strategies
  70. Boaters, anglers protest new fees in Hawaii
  71. Group seeks hearing on Chicago Locks closure
  72. Fewer shows in the Seattle area next year
  73. Trade Only Today’s most-read stories of 2009
  74. Tech predictions: Imagine a world with just five computers
  75. Anticipating demand, Cigarette is in 'high gear'
  76. Changing Places
  77. Angler Registry opens on New Year’s Day
  78. Where is New England's next generation of fishermen?
  79. Gander Mountain delisting common stock
  80. Trade Only Today returns Monday
  81. Small business 2009: success and failure
  82. Trawler Fest 2010 kicks off in Fort Lauderdale
  83. Talk is cheap? Not always
  84. BoatingIndustry: Happy New Year from Boating Industry!
  85. BoatingIndustry: Blog: Exceeding expectations one promise at a time http://bit.ly/8pt
  86. BoatingIndustry: Blog: Marina risk management strategies http://insider.boating-indus
  87. BoatingIndustry: Calif. permit would target copper-based paints http://www.boating-in
  88. BoatingIndustry: Fineline to ramp up production in 2010 http://www.boating-industry.c
  89. BoatingIndustry: MRAA urges Senate to pass estate tax repeal http://www.boating-indus
  90. BoatingIndustry: News Briefs 12/29 http://www.boating-industry.com/output.cfm?id=2404
  91. BoatingIndustry: Tigé Boats promotes Rick Correll to president http://www.boating-ind
  92. BoatingIndustry: Home Port Marketing acquires JWI http://www.boating-industry.com/out
  93. BoatingIndustry: Industry veteran Don Rocheleau dies http://www.boating-industry.com/
  94. BoatingIndustry: Supra, Moomba launch boat show incentives http://www.boating-industr
  95. BoatingIndustry: Genmar sells marina for $3 million http://www.boating-industry.com/o
  96. BoatingIndustry: Scout Boats prepares for 2010 http://www.boating-industry.com/output
  97. BoatingIndustry: NMMA purchases New England Boat Show http://www.boating-industry.com
  98. BoatingIndustry: Perko breaks ground on new foundry http://www.boating-industry.com/o
  99. BoatingIndustry: Garelick Manufacturing co-founder dies http://www.boating-industry.c
  100. BoatingIndustry: BoatU.S. hands out Access Awards http://www.boating-industry.com/out
  101. BoatingIndustry: Evinrude promotion launched for boat show season http://www.boating-
  102. BoatingIndustry: Cruising World reveals boat of the year winners http://www.boating-i
  103. BoatingIndustry: News Briefs 12/18 http://www.boating-industry.com/output.cfm?id=2402
  104. Skeeter to again sponsor bass-fishing tourney
  105. Tennessee marina files for bankruptcy protection
  106. Genmar bids are due today
  107. Florida institutes new safety regulations
  108. North Carolina tries to lure Florida’s marine business
  109. Fire hits Everglades facility in Florida
  110. Former Sparkman & Stephens president dies
  111. Skeeter to again sponsor bass-fishing tourney
  112. Marina developer files for bankruptcy protection
  113. North Carolina tries to lure Florida’s marine business
  114. Basic Building Blocks – On Steroids
  115. Campion Marine reaches floorplan financing deal
  116. YOU set the tone for customer service
  117. Yamaha unveils two sales promotions
  118. RPM International announces quarterly dividend
  119. Changing Places
  120. Garelick Manufacturing chairman dies
  121. Marinas.com reports revenue growth
  122. Florida marina site faces foreclosure lawsuit
  123. Tracker Marine buys Crystal-Pierz Marine dealerships
  124. BoatingIndustry: Blog: YOU set the tone for customer service http://insider.boating-i
  125. BoatingIndustry: Blog: Basic Building Blocks ? On Steroids http://insider.boating-ind
  126. BoatingIndustry: Crystal-Pierz talks with Tracker end in sale http://www.boating-indu
  127. BoatingIndustry: Merrill-Stevens shutters, faces more layoffs http://www.boating-indu
  128. BoatingIndustry: Everglades Boats in production despite fire http://www.boating-indus
  129. BoatingIndustry: Cigarette Racing increases workforce http://www.boating-industry.com
  130. BoatingIndustry: Gander Mountain to delist from Nasdaq http://www.boating-industry.co
  131. BoatingIndustry: YachtWorld.com and Boats.Com appoint U.S. sales director http://www.
  132. BoatingIndustry: IBBI elects new chairman http://www.boating-industry.com/output.cfm?
  133. BoatingIndustry: In Brief: Marinas.com http://www.boating-industry.com/output.cfm?id=
  134. BoatingIndustry: @CannonsMarina Anything particularly innovative that Scout Boats has
  135. RPM International reports 2Q results
  136. Mystic Powerboats set sales record in 2009
  137. Longtime retailer closing a store
  138. Report: Americans are increasingly unhappy in their jobs
  139. Appraisal guide revalues ‘non-current’ boats
  140. More details on Crystal-Pierz sale
  141. Census says boating remains popular in U.S.
  142. BoatingIndustry: New non-current language added to NADA Marine Guide http://www.boati
  143. Report: Americans increasingly unhappy in their jobs
  144. More details on Crystal-Pierz sale
  145. Florida documents last year’s manatee deaths
  146. Former Crystal-Pierz head starts a new venture
  147. Genmar auction gets under way
  148. IYRS to introduce composites tech program
  149. Is inflation looming as the next obstacle?
  150. Dealers and Distributors
  151. Curtis Stokes, Marinalife reach marketing deal
  152. Changing Places
  153. Ameritex signs canvas deal with Chrysler subsidiary
  154. Former Crystal-Pierz head starts a new venture
  155. Former Crystal-Pierz head starts a new venture
  156. Unemployment unchanged at 10 percent
  157. Upcoming boat show roundup
  158. Marine groups write to EPA about E15
  159. Boatbuilders unveil winter promotions
  160. Loran-C signal is on its way out
  161. Cook Composites increases prices
  162. Brunswick to release 4Q earnings Jan. 28
  163. IMI to hold economic conference
  164. Solving the small stuff before it gets big
  165. BoatingIndustry: Genmar auction spills over to second day http://www.boating-industry
  166. BoatingIndustry: Yacht company partner indicted for fractional ownership scam http://
  167. BoatingIndustry: Crystal-Pierz sale started with talks about adding lines http://www.
  168. BoatingIndustry: IMI to host economic conference in July http://www.boating-industry.
  169. BoatingIndustry: IYRS to launch composites technology program in 2010 http://www.boat
  170. BoatingIndustry: Cook Composites and Polymers announces price increases http://www.bo
  171. BoatingIndustry: Mystic Powerboats reports record growth in 2009 http://www.boating-i
  172. BoatingIndustry: Staff Jennings closing Eugene location http://www.boating-industry.c
  173. BoatingIndustry: News Briefs 1/8 http://www.boating-industry.com/output.cfm?id=240739
  174. BoatingIndustry: Blog: Solving the small stuff before it gets big http://insider.boat
  175. BREAKING NEWS: Genmar has multiple buyers
  176. BREAKING NEWS: Platinum Equity buys majority of Genmar
  177. BREAKING NEWS: Platinum Equity buys majority of Genmar
  178. BREAKING NEWS: Platinum Equity buys majority of Genmar
  179. Gowrie Group debuts new Web site
  180. Magazine hands out year-end awards
  181. MRAA names Russo to membership task force
  182. NMMA Canada holds Hall of Fame inductions
  183. Rolex names Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year
  184. Dr. Shrink, Zap Enterprises join on training
  185. Groups seek submissions, proposals
  186. Yachtworld.com sees record participation in London
  187. Teleflex names new CFO, estimates 2010 forecast
  188. Dealers still face uncertainty after Genmar sale
  189. BoatingIndustry: According to a source, Genmar's creditors committee is reportedly go
  190. Unsecured creditors want Genmar auction results thrown out
  191. Teleflex names new CFO, gives 2010 forecast
  192. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to Action Water Sports for being named one of Boatin
  193. MasterCraft, Hydra-Sports under same ownership
  194. Changing Places
  195. Mercury starts moving work from Oklahoma plant
  196. MIAF elects new officers
  197. Providence show sees hope, some sales
  198. MasterCraft owner buys Hydra-Sports
  199. Marine Products to release 4Q, year-end results Jan. 27
  200. MRAA to study the use of Grow Boating funds
  201. Two Virginia shows are combined
  202. Winter boat show roundup
  203. Delta’s customer-service surprise
  204. BoatingIndustry: News Briefs 1/12 http://www.boating-industry.com/output.cfm?id=24082
  205. BoatingIndustry: Mercury Marine to present service awards to 91 dealerships in Q1 htt
  206. BoatingIndustry: West Marine to name 'Green Product' winner at Miami Boat Show http:/
  207. BoatingIndustry: MRAA forms membership initiative task force http://www.boating-indus
  208. BoatingIndustry: Virginia, Richmond boat shows to be combined http://www.boating-indu
  209. BoatingIndustry: MasterCraft plans for future with Hydra-Sports http://www.boating-in
  210. BoatingIndustry: Vicem Yachts adds new broker http://www.boating-industry.com/output.
  211. BoatingIndustry: New Orleans Boat & Sportshow announces 2011, 2012 dates http://www.b
  212. BoatingIndustry: Genmar auction concludes, unsecured creditors object http://www.boat
  213. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to Atwood Lake Boats, Inc. for being named one of Bo
  214. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to Austin Boats and Motors for being named one of Bo
  215. BoatingIndustry: Blog: Delta?s customer-service surprise http://insider.boating-indus
  216. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to B&E Marine for being named one of Boating Industr
  217. Asian carp measures could hurt Chicago businesses
  218. IMBC sells out exhibitor space
  219. Genmar sale hearing gets under way
  220. Orca whale restrictions are delayed
  221. Changing Places
  222. NOAA unveils plan to clean waters off Hawaii
  223. Malibu holds winter sales promotion
  224. Loggerhead Club & Marina adds Florida location
  225. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to Baert Marine Inc. for being named one of Boating
  226. Florida builder plans to add jobs
  227. Winter boat show roundup
  228. Malibu holds winter sales promotion
  229. Genmar sale hearing gets under way
  230. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to Bassett Boat Company for being named one of Boati
  231. Judge OKs Genmar auction results
  232. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to BMC Boats for being named one of Boating Industry
  233. Towboats named for water ski event
  234. West Marine reports 4Q revenues
  235. Hexion to hike resin prices
  236. Evinrude offers anglers tourney prizes
  237. Dealers and Distributors
  238. Campion adds new resin to its boats
  239. ABBRA to hold marine-service seminar
  240. West Marine reports 4Q revenues
  241. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to Boat Town, Inc. for being named one of Boating In
  242. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to Boaters Exchange for being named one of Boating I
  243. Scouting out a bright path for our industry
  244. BoatingIndustry: Congratulations to Boats, Inc. for being named one of Boating Indust
  245. Bank rejects new NADA guidelines
  246. Dammrich disputes misuse of Grow Boating funds
  247. Marine publisher buys trade journal
  248. Westlawn Institute names design winners
  249. Westrec Marinas debut new Florida location
  250. SEI won’t hike prices in 2010